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History of the Victorian APS Head of the River rowing regatta

2010 Head of the River

2010 Program Cover 

The APS report of the regatta was as follows:

The girls thirtieth and boys hundred and thirty- fourth Heads of the River was one of multiple wins in divisions at this, the tenth running of the regatta at Nagambie Lakes. The regatta crowd was the largest of those supporting school rowing in Victoria and it was a special day because the racing, the administration, officiating and weather all peaked at the right time.  Any one of these not functioning well can easily mar a regatta.  It was a perfect day for rowing and the organisation and officiating certainly matched what was on the water.

Scotch College won six of the seven boys eights over 2000m, Geelong Grammar all the open girls events whether over 2000 or 1000m and four out of the six year ten girls’ events with Carey Grammar taking out Div A and C of these year tens.  Melbourne Grammar won the top three year 9 boys eights whilst Caulfield Grammar won the top three year nine girls with Carey Grammar taking the other four.  Somewhere in these schools’ setup there must be an inspiring director or senior coach managing a particular segment of their school’s programme with great acumen.

Four of Scotch College’s wins in the 2000 eights established fastest times whilst Geelong Grammar’s girls in the Open Four did likewise.  The Geelong College Girls Second VIII in their preliminary shattered the previous best time by 21 secs, but rowed about 50 seconds slower in coming second to Geelong Grammar in their final, but kept their place in the record books intact.

It was an interesting entry with over 100 eights, 71 fours and 22 quads; yet no girl rowed in a quad nor any boy in a four.  The starters were kept busy during the early afternoon with an eight overturned three strokes out from the start and in the next race two broken riggers delayed the start for a long time.  The experienced officials handled each situation with assurance.  The wind freshened as the day wore on, but at no stage did it provide even a whiff of unfairness.  Six fastest times were established, a particular credit to five of those crews involved as they were competing as a slight head wind developed during the finals.

With this year’s win Scotch College now have six of the last seven Head of the Rivers including five in a row, a run which has only been exceeded by Geelong Grammar and Wesley College with six in much earlier times.  Geelong Grammar won the Girls Head making it four in a row, and are looking forward to two more to equal their run in the nineteen nineties.

Six fastest times were established at the 2010 regatta.

Race School Time Event
Boys Third VIII Scotch College 6:26.34 A Final
Boys Fourth VIII Scotch College No 2 (Lobley) 6:32.52 First & Final
Boys Year 10 VIII Div A Scotch College 6:19.86 A Final
Boys Year 10 VIII Div C Scotch College 7:02.78 A Final
Girls Second VIII The Geelong College 6:43.35 Prelim 2
Girls First IV Geelong Grammar 4:08.30 A Final

So the tenth visit to Nagambie Lakes was a great success!

Organising Committee and Officials

Regatta Manager: Luke Soulos

Regatta Secretary: Alice Evans

Adjuvants: Morris Brown & Frank Covill

Broadcaster: Roger Wilson

President of the Jury : Andrew Guerin

Jury: Lesley Skevington, Rod Florence, Greg Longden, Wayne Hinson, Robin Murphy,  Eric Waller, William Webster, Greg Falk, Peter Darbyshire, Sandy Mitchell


The final stages of the Boys Head of the River

The final stages of the Girls Head of the River

Boys Head of the River







Final B:






1st Scotch College -  Alistair McLean, Adam Brown, Alex King, Andrew White, Andrew Emmett, Harrison Casey, Lachlan Kennedy, Damien Lipshut, Cox: Stuart Sim, Coach: Tom Woodruff

2nd Melbourne Grammar School - Harry Allen, William Thompson, Edward Robinson, Charles Risbey, Nick Fabbri, Harry Macciolli, Jordan Hooper, Thomas Watson, Cox: Charles Willey, Coach: Nicholas Lloyd

3rd Geelong Grammar School - Joe Patrick, Henry Wetherall, Christopher Jordan, Blake Nielsen, Alastair Commins, Henry Meek, Sian Martin-Jankowski, Douglas Cameron, Cox: Samantha Sloss, Coach: Jeff Watt

4th Brighton Grammar School - Hayden Johnson, Andrew Bisset, Matthew Cook, Lachlan Powell, Grant Maglio, Matthew Gnauck, Alex Hansen, Harrison Bade, Cox: Alexander McConnachie, Coaches: Simon Gadsden, David Pincus

5th Wesley College - Tim Kenyon-Smith, Henry Hosking, Thomas Baker, Tom Rogers Woollett, James Kus, Jonathon Rundle, Henry Howson, Darcy Holdsworth, Cox: Michael Kus, Coach: Matthew Ryan

6th Carey Grammar School - Freddie Cator, Tom Nairn, Morgan Evans, Josh Lloyd, David Burgess, Jonathon Coco, Patrick Cremean, Josh McCormach, Cox: Emma Hing, Coaches: Craig Adrians, Steven Whittington

Captain of Boats Andrew Emmett responds to the crowd after receiving the Fairbairn Challenge Cup

Final B

1st St Kevin’s College - Thomas Linschoten, Henry Shirer, Elliot Poynton, Jordan Grace, James Polasek, Dominic Prior, Declan Moloney, Joshua Cukurins, Cox: Jeremy Nolan, Coach: Paul McGann

2nd The Geelong College - Hamish Palmer-Hill, James Holding, Jack Angliss, Angus Wishart, Cameron Williams, Trent Sullivan, Mark D'Altera, Russell George, Cox: Catherine Flynn, Coach: Neil Myers

3rd Haileybury College - Blake Cook, Hayden Mitchell, Izak Rosenfeld, Matthew Mitchell, David Hardman, Luke Albury, Timothy Campelj, Shaun Tyler, Cox: Anthony Nicolette

4th Xavier College - Jason Izydorczyk, Arden Chlebna, Hugh Davies, Jack Delmo, Simon Keenan, Jack Resic, Louis Denton, Max Rowan, Cox: Rory Shannon, Coaches: Brian Dalton, Julian Whitehead

5th Caulfield Grammar School - Thomas Eggleston, Callum Hogan, Blair Atkins, Daniel Scully, Mitchell Nelson, Maxwell Cikoratik, Francis Newman, Will Logan, Cox: Chris Lowe, Coach: David Doyle

E1: 1st SC, 2nd BGS, 3rd Carey, 4th XC, 5th SKC, 6th Caulfield
E2: 1st MGS, 2nd GGS, 3rd WC, 4th GC, 5th HC
R1: 1st WC, 2nd BGS, 3rd XC, 4th HC, 5th Caulfield
R2: 1st GGS, 2nd Carey, 3rd GC, 4th SKC

Boys Second Eight







Final B:






1st Melbourne Grammar School - Campbell Cooke, Damon Velakoulis, Edward Northrop, John Benjamin, Thomas Bongiorno, Jackson Graham, Harrison Bongiorno, Andrew Krause, Cox: Austin Smith, Coach: Julian Dutton

2nd Scotch College - Andrew Jelbart, Nathan Lee, Matthew Douglas, Hamish Houghton, James Croxford, Harrison Phillips, Alexander Reilly, Joachim Redgement, Cox: Charles Houghton, Coach: James Adams

3rd Xavier College - Charlie Woodley, Spencer Gange, Max Elliot, Nick Kostos, James O'Sullivan, Michael Sabljak, Sam Franklyn, Erik Rowan, Cox: Duncan Anderson, Coach: Josh Sadler

4th Wesley College - Morris Goodwin, Jordan Mayer, Daniel Gorton, Evan Niteros, Joshua Hetzel, Samuel Jeffreys, Fraser Blair, Glyn Edwards, Cox: Hans Richmond, Coach: Simon Booth

5th Brighton Grammar School - Hayden Michaelides, Zachery Miller, Alexander Ward, Michael Stephens, Robert Holding, Luke Milner, Pete Redhead, Dale Anderson, Cox: Ciaran Cunningham, Coach: Oliver Ward

6th Geelong Grammar School - Alexander Hargrave, Jack Kincaid, Elliot O'Reilly, James Simpson, Tim Vickers-Willis, Murdoch Hill, Harry Baylis, Fergus Dye, Cox: Allanah Hocking, Coach: Phil Gardiner

Melbourne Grammar after their win in the second eights

Final B:

1st Caulfield Grammar School - Dion Hronakis, Tim Vandertop, Matt McTernan, Fred Cooper, Sebastian Von Medem, Nicholas Tonkin, Thomas Wren, Lachlan Kellock, Cox: Jethrow Cross, Coaches: James Walmsley, Drew Coughlan

2nd St Kevin’s College - Charles Wishart, Oliver Wood, Nicholas Walsh, James McGlade, Benjamin Nott, Benjamin Morgan, Andrew White, Alex Sullivan, Cox: Laura Blackman, Coach: Scott Penning

3rd St Kevin’s College - William Stoltz, David Anderson, Jack Stoneman, Nicholas Carter, Michael McFarlane, Charles McDonald, Dillon Counsel, Conor Grace, Cox: Caius Martin, Coach: Robert Manning

4th Carey Grammar School - Nicholas Seah, Matthew Jones, Angus Arundel, James Thyer, Alexander Martin, Arjuna Benson, Kallum Fraser, Tyler Brenchley, Cox: Luca Di Nello, Coaches: Lewis Fotheringham, Shane Jackson

5th Haileybury College - Konstantine Kyratzis, Jack Coombes, Rhys Van Orsouw, Flynn Burgess-McIntosh, Richard Manley, Thomas Crantock, Sam Howard, Jonathon Hammond, Cox: Samuel Weston, Coach: Will Gordon-Manley 


E1: 1st SC, 2nd XC, 3rd WC, 4th BGS, 5th GC, 6th HC
E2: 1st MGS, 2nd GGS, 3rd Carey, 4th SKC, 5th Caulfield
R1: 1st XC, 2nd BGS, 3rd Caulfield, 4th Carey, 5th HC
R2: 1st GGS, 2nd WC, 3rd SKC, 4th GC

Boys Third Eight







Final B:



1st Scotch College - Tim Light, Tom Duffy, Robert Wilson, Alex Strathmore, Matt Hancock, Harrison Sloane, James Anderson, James Duffy, Cox: Henry Bailey, Coaches: Ronnie Smith, Howard Sharp

2nd Melbourne Grammar School - Nicholas van Veenendaal, Nick Moran, Matthew Poulter, David Parkinson, Jack Robinson, Jackson Paine, Hamish May, Stephen Abell, Cox: Ben Fowler, Coach: Blair Jenkins

3rd St Kevin’s College - Samuel Garlepp, Branwell Travers, Jack Morrison, Jeremy Guinane, Adrian Saflekos, Alex McKimm, Steven Walsh, Liam Utri, Cox: Stephen Piva, Coach: Steve Rowley

4th Geelong Grammar School - Will Calvert-Jones, Daniel Sanchez, Korn Santikarn, Christopher Nowell, Oliver Gadsden, Henry Scott, Nicholas Wilton, Nicholas Fletcher, Cox: Timothy Wallace-Smith, Coach: Richard Tomczak

5th Xavier College - Duncan Willis, Sam Cougan, Richard Case, Magnus Gillberg, Sam Lefebvre, William Clancy, Patrick Hanrahan, Xavier George, Cox: Joseph Connellan, Coaches: James Cutler, Hugh Hindle

6th Brighton Grammar School - Harry Swift, Nicholas Mitchell, Sunny Chen, Monty Balding, Jordan Cozzella, Zachary Barnetby, Ben Jarick, Kalin Kempster, Cox: Andy Ma, Coach: Alec Baenziger

Final B:

1st Caulfield Grammar School - Declan Murphy, Scott Tangey, Michael Stracke, Matthew Taylor, Scott Meads, Callum Castles, Matthew Shepheard, Alexander Pineo, Cox: Duncan Silcock, Coach: Ben Johnston

2nd Wesley College - Michael Daly, Jack O'Donnell, Josh Bienstein, Dain Liffman, Steven Csorgo, Daniel Reddi Coronell, Zac Gibson, Luke Huels, Cox: Sarah Zippel, Coach: Graham Bushnell 

E1: 1st MGS, 2nd GGS, 3rd XC, 4th Caulfield
E2: 1st SC, 2nd SKC, 3rd BGS, 4th WC

Boys Fourth Eight





1st Scotch College - Andrew Elder, Christopher Scott, Ben McLellan, George FitzPatrick, Alexander Dennis, Nick Tissot, Alex Karklins, Thomas Lobley, Cox: Nathan De Boer, Coach: Edward Monteith

2nd Scotch College - Jack Langley, Chris Ricketts, Nicholas Caldwell, William Clark, Oliver Georges, James Manolitsas, James Smith, Julian Leow, Cox: Angus Gill, Coach: Joshua Booth

3rd Geelong Grammar School - Charlie Mott, Joshua Sumura, Max Cameron, Alexander Forman, Brock Amundsen, Kerry Hoy-Maroney, Henry Peach, Edward Airey, Cox: Anthony Bellofiore, Coach: Andrew Beauchamp

4th St Kevin’s College - Matthew Caulfield, James Barrie, Maximillian Dawson, Rick Wignell, Luke Marriott, Ben Maruskanic, Adrian Edwards, Jacob Fenech, Cox: Jacob Rodrigo

Boys Year 10 Eight Division A







Final B:






1st Scotch College - William Adams, William Wilson, Ben Stops, Christopher Brack, Charlie Dixon, Joseph Brinkler, Charlie Lockwood, Jack Tivey, Cox: William Bartley, Coach: Andrew Sypkens

2nd St Kevin’s College - Ryland Mollard, Matt Portelli, Alex Vanstone, Declan Holland, Nick Sanders, Liam Donald, Andrew Gook, Manning McBride, Cox: Will Gallagher, Coach: Anthony Johnson

3rd Melbourne Grammar School - Chris Lam, Harry Smith, Scott Carroll, Jack Kelly, Michael Wicks, Edward Fuller, Matthew Panton, David Cumming, Cox: Bill Richardson, Coach: Lisa Szatsznadjer

4th The Geelong College - James Malcher, Angus Nicholson, Kieran Salathiel-Dyke, Aaron Derksen, Dan Ross, Mathew Perkins, Tom Morrison, Angus Widdicombe, Cox: James Landy, Coach: Alistair Miller

5th Carey Grammar School - Piers Fitton, Andrew Kennerley, Paris Dale, Sam Cohen, jeremy McKay, James Hall, Matthew Omond, James Fisher, Cox: Stephanie Karras, Coaches: Liam Cooney, James Raftopoulos

6th Haileybury College - Nicholas Kyratzis, Alex Bidstrup, Jack Stephens, Jackson Heilberg, Kristian Dompietro, William Brayshaw, Joe Fisher, Benjamin Burgess, Cox: Angus Bell, Coach: James Paltos

Final B:

1st Brighton Grammar School - Patch Clapp, Jake Selleck, Alexander Page, Brodie Miller, Ben Stonier, Fred Boxtel, Bradley Johnson, Mac Powell, Cox: Donald Beddoe, Coaches: James Gerstman, Simon Gadsden

2nd Wesley College - Matt Barton, Brandon Joel, Mark Schure, Joseph Griffin, Christopher Mark, Isaak Newcombe, Seamus Hobbs, Chris Williams, Cox: Toby Benjamin, Coach: Fergus Pragnell

3rd Xavier College - Hugo Denton, William Norling, John Burgess, Joshua Hiscock, Ted Delaney-Small, Lachlan Wright, Michael Henderson, Ben Chong-Halliday, Cox: Matthew Bennett, Coach: Andrew Kenneally

4th Geelong Grammar School - Harry Mitchell, Alastair McMurdo, Joseph George, Deluca Lawson-Matthew, Tim Austin, Charles Coburn, Ian Cameron, Harry Hughes, Cox: Lucy Kemp, Coach: Geoffrey Hunter

5th Caulfield Grammar School - Joel Brand, Thomas Halley, Thomas Fisher, Nicholas Morgan, Oliver von Medem, Ned Shannon, Bevan Tan, Meher Virdi, Cox: Josh Litsas

E1: 1st SC, 2nd MGS, 3rd Carey, 4th XC, 5th WC, 6th Caulfield
E2: 1st SKC, 2nd GC, 3rd HC, 4th BGS, 5th GGS 

Boys Year 10 Eight Division B







Final B:





1st Scotch College - Nicholas Bernardo, Andy Lanyon, James Stewart, James Nash, Tom Havea, Jamie Cook, Andy Boykett, Matthew Caldwell, Cox: Josh Dewan, Coach: Luke Carey

2nd St Kevin’s College - Sam Cross, Kieran Hickey, Mason O'Keefe, Sam Brusco, Michael Smith, Tom Scott, Nicholas Stafford, Will Doble, Cox: Mike Leahy, Coach: James Russell

3rd Melbourne Grammar School - Hugo Berry, Felix Garner Davis, Harry Bardoel, Callum Nott, James Morrison, Harry Smith, Declan Baird-Watson, Oliver Madders, Cox: William Heggen, Coach: Louis Strauss

4th Xavier College - David Cooney, Harry Rush, Jack Silk, Joe Fogarty, Joseph Canty, Daniel McKay, Chris Margin, Ben Steedman, Cox: Colin Moorhead, Coach: Tim Spiteri

5th Geelong Grammar School - James Webb Ware, Will Beasley, Billy Beasley, James Anderson, Haytham Chernov, Will Ogden, George Vickers-Willis, Richard Heath, Cox: Sandon Lowe, Coach: Rob Leach

6th Wesley College - Christopher Kipouridis, William Bowman, Renato Samson, Harry Hawkins, Bhavi Ravindran, Mitchell Palmer, Lachlan McGeehan, James Kenyon-Smith, Cox: Ashley Walls, Coach: Katrina Blaubaum

Final B:

1st Carey Grammar School - Josh Bone, Oliver Gregurek, Jordan McBean, Scott Fotheringham, Josh Carfi, Jackson Mottram, Charles Hay, Frazer Cole, Cox: Jeremy Albert, Coaches: Sam Fisher, Tim McKay

2nd Brighton Grammar School - Jack O'Donahoo, Stuart Keen, Nicholas Topakas, Robert Dawes, Scott Collie, Campbell Beveridge, Alexander Hoy, Jerome Keast, Cox: Luca Stefani, Coach: Matthew Keen

3rd Caulfield Grammar School - Michael Belotti, Travis Mudra, Matthew Purcell, Sidharth Dube, Matthew Allardice, William Kaladis, Rohan Gigacz, David Postma, Cox: Samuel Scholten

4th The Geelong College - Taraia Meehan, Thomas Lever, Jackson Deahl, Harry Forsyth, Samuel Salt-Hill, George Threadgold, Rowan Baldam, Jeremy Edwards, Cox: Shayden Robinson, Coaches: Tim Andrews, Elizabeth Fagg, Anthony Hudson

E1: 1st SC, 2nd SKC, 3rd WC, 4th Carey, 5th Caulfield
E2: 1st MGS, 2nd XC, 3rd GGS, 4th BGS, 5th GC

Boys Year 10 Eight Division C





1st Scotch College - Michael Goodey, William Hicks, Andrew Scrinis, Toby Khoo, Lachie Hocking, Kristopher Paltoglou, Sam Chesbrough, Jonathon Ryan, Cox: Angus Gill, Coach: Martin Lipshut

2nd Scotch College - Tim Sladden, Tim Symon, Sam Fuller, Kieran Hamilton, Philipp Dahm, Michael Holloway, Alex Bear, Alastair Jordan, Cox: Alexander Leggo

3rd Melbourne Grammar School - Richard Zwar, Jack Nicol, Guy Shearman, Simon Morrow, Athlete unknown, Nicholas Cole, Edgar Druce, William Heggen, Cox: Tom Farrell, Coaches: Matthew Ridgeway, Lachlan Carter

4th St Kevin’s College - Josh Dunne, Ambrose Brear, Willem Brussen, Jack Youren, Dillon Di Fabrizio, Michael Dolan, Matt Botterill, Liam Whelan, Cox: Felix Mason, Coach: Chris Murphy

Boys Year 9 Eight Division A






Final B:


1st Melbourne Grammar School - George Russell, Jordan Santucci, Sam Perkins, Sebastian Clarke, Benjamin Flint, George Hurley, Christian Hendy, Oscar Stevenson, Cox: Thomas Eastick

2nd Xavier College - Hugh Moodie, Rupert Condon, Jeremy Gehrig, Edward Middleditch, Benjamin Murphy, Thomas McNamara, Todd Vander Haar, Christopher Turner, Cox: Jordan King, Coach: Kenny Tachimoto

3rd Brighton Grammar School - Alisdair Gnauck, Nathan Farrugia, George Longbottom, Matthew Johnson, Cameron Naidu, Max Hayes, Elliot Le Grice, Andrew Maglio, Cox: Thomas Fisher, Coaches: William Priestley, Andrew Phillips

4th Wesley College - Edward Dawson, Max Goodwin, Calum Wilson, Matthew Singleton, William Thornton, Kinsey Reeves, Alexander Allen, Nicholas Ensor, Cox: Rhys Hildebrand-Wise, Coach: Doug Goodwin

5th Carey Grammar School - Louis Triandos, Nick Papasava, Brayden Fraser, William Wright, Tom Lausberg, Louis Ciavarella, Timothy Curwood, Sam Moulton, Cox: Jack Day, Coach: David Fraumano

 Final B

1st Caulfield Grammar School - Jamie Bolton, Liam De Nardis, Joshua Woodhart, James Schneider, Nicholas O'Connor, Timothy Mollard, Kirren Ponniah, Thomas Silvestro, Cox: Lucas Ooi

2nd St Kevin’s College - James O'Malley, Michael Bishop, Conor Utri, Thomas Lincoln, Thomas Blackall, Tom Lockhart, Patrick Utri, Sam Lewin, Cox: Joshua Doggett, Coaches: Andrew Galante, Pauline Frasca  

Boys Year 9 Eight Division B 






Final B



1st Melbourne Grammar School - Patrick Guggenheimer, William Hannemann, Daniel O'Donnell, Fraser Brown, Cody Mance, Maxeum Figgins, David Marshall, Samuel Bongiorno, Cox: Jack Martin, Coach: David Kelly

2nd Brighton Grammar School - Ben Harris, Christopher Grigoriou, Thomas Gregory, Michael Compton, Jordan Betts, Sean Ahrbeck, Henri Marks, Tom Boxtel, Cox: Jason Eberwein, Coaches: Duncan McKenzie, Stuart Carmichael

3rd Caulfield Grammar School - Thomas Gibbs, Joshua Harris, Daniel Zanati, Hugh Kroker, Hugh Simpson, Max Judd, Alexander Lennard, James Anderson, Cox: Darius Chan

4th Carey Grammar School - Jeremy Cator, Aaron Barnes, Charlie Pentney, Nick Sumner-Wright, Louis Triandos, Tom Kennedy, Alexander Kinsella, Chase Chadwick, Cox: Matt Ellis, Coaches: Callum Lobb, Matt Fernon

5th Xavier College - Benjamin Case, Lucas O'Sullivan, Richard Guiney, James Hicks, Xavier Carr, Richard Wilton, Christian Prowse, Luca Nuzzo, Cox: Adam Hermans

Final B

1st Wesley College - Lachlan Erskine, Alexander Vandenbossche, Lucas Hatzisavas, Louis Nossal, Jack Kimberley, Petro Papathomas, Michael Bergers, Mitchell Thomson, Cox: Marcus Mietz, Coach: Julian Jeffreys

2nd St Kevin’s College - James Tighe, Conor Misson, Joseph Cullinan, Daniel Mount, James Grace, Tristan Zupan, Saverio Bonnacci, Daniel Smith, Cox: Lachlan Appleby, Coaches: Michael Bennett, Pauline Frasca

Boys Year 9 Eight Division C







1st Melbourne Grammar School - Darcy Lechte, James Spielvogel, Charles Hodge, William Dix, Sebastian Ellis, Gianni Drougas, Mitchel Burnside, James Batt, Cox: Christopher Holdenson, Coach: Nic Russell

2nd Xavier College - Adam Lowes, Eamon O'Bryan, Nathan Sorrenti, Aidan Jackson, Calum Fulton, Denzil Furtado, Edward Resic, James Gunn, Cox: Tom Callil

3rd Xavier College - William Slatterie, Nicholas MacFie, Matthew Hess, George Smart, Connor Nichol, Thomas Ferretto, Benjamin Izydorczyk, Thomas Rickard, Cox: Will Valmorbida

4th Caulfield Grammar School - Anthony Ng, John Szetho, Timothy Bland, Jack Day, Nicholas O'Connor, Sebastian Waterman, Jack Scott, Thomas Dwyer, Cox: Morgan Curtis

5th Brighton Grammar School - Andrew Alesi, Matthew Barry, Andrew Allen, Daniel Lim, Nickolas Perry, Ciaran Daddo-Langlois, Lachlan Wiles, Lachlan Scott, Cox: Angus Whillas, Coaches: Alexander Dick, Andrew Biggin, Alistair Johnson

6th Carey Grammar School - Horatio Sicilia, Henry Guala, William Smith, Anton Conos, Dylan Stubbings, James Simmons, Tom Phyland, Hamish Knowles, Cox: Will Karras, Coaches: Declan Healy, David Nicholls

Boys Year 9 Eight Division D 






1st Xavier College - Peter Hession, Angus Dunn, Christian Gioia, Patrick Nunan, Mather Hugo, Dominic Hepworth, Alexander Valente, Matthew Seymour, Cox: Darcy Bennett, Coach: Philip Henderson

2nd Xavier College - Nicholas Lamanna, Sebastian Sproule-Lagos, Joshua Trappett, Alexander Gazdowicz, William Hall, Simon MacIsaac, Christian Melone, James McCann, Cox: Tom O'Sullivan, Coach: Ben Condon

3rd Melbourne Grammar School - Harry Sweeney, Oscar Johnstone, Perry Athanasopoulos, Hugh Cameron, Fraser Brown, Guy Shearman, Christian Hendy, William Hawkins, Cox: Lachlan Macdonald, Coach: Phillipa Hurley

4th Melbourne Grammar School - Luke Latham, James Anders, Alexander Taylor - Bartels, Carl Perkins, James Richards, Lachlan Strover, Michael Gu, Henry Williams, Cox: Ryley Lucas

5th Caulfield Grammar School - Nikhil Sachdev, Jack Woodman, Nicholas Jude, Max Shelton Huntley, Lachlan Whitmore, George DeWhirst, Thomas Wing, Trent Conway, Cox: Thomas Campbell

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull Division A





1st Scotch College - Harry Fox, Lachlan Roberts, Damien Di Donato, Benjamin Strathmore, Cox: Nick Parsell, Coach: George Jelbart

2nd Scotch College - Ben Silagy, Zachary Butler, Ayrton Heber, Thomas Klemens, Cox: Alexander McAllister, Coach: Philip Wright

3rd Scotch College - Sam Anderson, Joshua Vuk, Lachlan Webster, Lachlan Philip, Cox: Benjamin Munro, Coach: Alistair Watson

4th The Geelong College - Fraser Stewart, Lachlan Palmer-Hill, Will May, Barclay Fitzpatrick, Cox: Shayden Robinson, Coach: Tim Cleary

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull Division B







1st Scotch College - Neil France, Nicholas Wilson, Lachlan Roberts, James Mulcahy, Cox: Lachlan McAuley, Coach: Karl Buchhorn

2nd Scotch College - Hamish Dennis, Sam Anderson, Matt Reddish, George Richards, Cox: Nick Parsell, Coach: Oliver Baxter

3rd St Kevin’s College - Thomas Breton, Nicholas Pappas, Max Mercuri, Max Arundel, Cox: Jordan Jansen, Coach: David Pitt

4th Scotch College - Cody Yuen, Carlos Santini, Joshua Vuk, Luke Skok, Cox: Benjamin Munro, Coach: Tom Browne

5th The Geelong College - Cameron McKenzie, Patrick Spinazzola, Alexander De Young, Sam Walsh, Cox: Mathew Castles, Coach: Bethany Keats

6th St Kevin’s College - Michael Naughton, Jack Canty, Jack Roland, Nicholas Bertacco, Cox: Peter Adamos, Coach: Richard Anderson

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull Division C





1st St Kevin’s College - Alex Charles, Taylor Fitzpatrick, Matthew Rowell, Nicholas Ryan, Cox: Alexei Srour, Coach: Julie Slattery

2nd St Kevin’s College - Max Arundel, Jonothon Brooking, Nicholas Brown, Myles Pammer, Cox: Rex Radley

3rd Scotch College - Chris Soliman, Mitch Nickolovski, James Malon, Hugh Duffy, Cox: Ryan Lange, Coach: Charlie White

4th The Geelong College - Mitchell Stewart, Dylan McRae-Palmer, Sam Snarskis, Curtis Wynhoven, Cox: Stuart Orford, Coach: Julia Amezdroz

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull Division D





1st Xavier College - Angus Kennedy, James Christensen, Josh Morrissey, Miles Leschen, Cox: Christian Mason, Coach: Andrew Thompson

2nd The Geelong College - Jayden Barber, Adam Guala, Andrew McGlade, James Koroneos, Cox: Arabella Doery, Coach: Ross George

3rd St Kevin's College - Oscar Bridgford, James Robinson, Jack Roland, Max Mercuri, Cox: Taylor La Roche

4th Scotch College - Nick Lobley, Paul Chantler, Angus Robertson, George Richards, Cox: Alexander McAllister, Coach: Emil Breidahl

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull Division E




No time for fourth

1st The Geelong College - Miles Temple, Charlie Callan, James Casey, Maxwell Varley, Cox: Corey McFadden, Coach: Miranda Williams

2nd Xavier College - Jack Dow, Samuel Lock, Koshin Ibrahim, Andre Soriano, Cox: Euan Gilligan

3rd The Geelong College - Peter Angliss, Brady Harmon, James Lay, Alex Livermore, Cox: William Shelley, Coach: Rene Perkins

4th Melbourne Grammar School - Lloyd Miller, Joshua Brooks-Duncan, Dean Panich, Hugh Beavis

Girls Head of the River







1st Geelong Grammar School - Lucy Harkin, Zoe Sleigh, Hannah Robertson, Phoebe Rothfield, Georgina Farrell, Liv Fish, Alexandra Thompson, Grace Morrison, Cox: Elizabeth Lingard, Coach: Ross Featherston

2nd The Geelong College - Hannah Welleman, Katherine Monotti, Alexandra Kvant, Rebecca Widdicombe, Sarah Sturges, Georgia Ratcliffe, Jennifer Cleary, Addy Dunkley-Smith, Cox: Emily Carr, Coach: Alan Darker

3rd Haileybury College - Ewa Potoczny, Maddi Moncrieff, Bridget Jones, Lauren Oliver, Chelsea Frawley, Rebecca Ball, Gemma Walter, Georgina Janssen, Cox: Tegan McHugh, Coach: Guy Begley

4th Wesley College - Sara Baker, Alice Arch, Ailish Regan, Antonia Niteros, Wilde Anderson, Rachel McCloskey, Ellen Walls, Emma Cook, Cox: Talyshia Kainey, Coaches: Samara Quinlan, Fiona Milne

5th Carey Grammar School - Tori Gluning, Hannah Roberts, Elly Fennessy, Victoria Steel, Eliza Dyer, Ashleigh McBean, Melanie Davey, Deborah Yann, Cox: Emily Avery, Coaches: Brenton Terrell, Pam Westendorf, Lauren Battaglia

6th Caulfield Grammar School - Lucy Anderson, Jessica Rice, Lauren Herkess, Alex Bartram, Verity Nunan, Jessica Jackson, Georgina Ingleton, Raine Thomson, Cox: Jami Klisaris, Coach: Nick Edward

E1: 1st GC, 2nd HC, 3rd Carey
E2: 1st GGS, 2nd Caulfield, 3rd WC

Geelong Grammar crew and coach acknowledge the trophy

Girls Second Eights







1st Geelong Grammar School - Meg Gubbins, Camilla More, Zara Brown, Amelia Faulkner, Emily Gibney, Kelly Banks, Helen McArthur, Jessica Beauchamp, Cox: Meg Walker, Coach: John Grave

2nd The Geelong College - Lyndall Watson, Fiona Barton, Emily Serle, Brigitte Russell, Holly Shelley, Brittany Fitzpatrick, Cara McKinstry, Brydie Murrihy, Cox: Billie Fenton, Coach: Anita Whitehouse

3rd Wesley College - Emily Muir-Morris, Kate Doery, Alexa Madden, Jessica Keys, Sophie Ambrose, Eliza Tivendale, Stephanie Melrose, Victoria Gillett, Cox: Erika Turner, Coaches: Sarah Conlon, Laura Cordner

4th Haileybury College - Jessica Howroyd, Taylah Vines Chapple, Kirsty Wynn, Tayla Daly, Georgina Orr, Georgia Batt, Caitlin Budge, Lucy Scott, Cox: Emily Leckie, Coach: Cassie Champion

5th Carey Grammar School - Kate De Highden, Annie Gallon, Julia Godfrey, Juliet Mentor, Tamara Charlwood, Madi Hickey, Amy Perryman, Pascale Pooley, Cox: Cassie Longmuir, Coaches: Ashleigh Smith, Charlotte Harris-Nave

6th Caulfield Grammar School - Elise Westphalen, Mary-Ellen Lane, Sophie Dewhirst, Brooke McCurdy, Carly von Dallwitz, Yong-Li Zhou, Aidan Jamieson, Joanna Davy, Cox: Kat Everett, Coach: Edwina Banks-Anderson

Girls Open Four






B Final



1st Geelong Grammar School - Bella Cameron, Harriet Simpson, Libby Head, Marnie Derham, Cox: Samantha Wallace-Smith, Coaches: Catherine Wilson, Rob Kemp

2nd Wesley College - Shani Wu, Caitlin Toohey, Darcie Mignot, Emily Johnson, Cox: Lena Jordan, Coach: Damian Nenna

3rd Carey Grammar School - Lauren Merakis, Caroline Morgan, Emilia McDonald, Anna Grutzner, Cox: Dory Grivas

4th Caulfield Grammar School - Rachel Harris, Jessica Hogg, Alexandra Stone, Emmy Nan Tie, Cox: Julia Bergin, Coach: Jess Hergott

5th Geelong Grammar School - Gemma Hutley, Sarah Ryan, Georgie Clement, Olivia King, Cox: Emily Casey, Coaches: Rob Kemp, Catherine Wilson

B final

1st The Geelong College - Valeria Acosta Ruiz, Phiillipa Cole, Demi Della-Porta, Lyndall Watson, Cox: Claire Allinson, Coach: Scott Chirnside

2nd Caulfield Grammar School - Lilly Skacej, Claire McMorrow, Lauren Funnell, Emily Scott, Cox: Kat Everett

Girls Year 10 Four Division A







1st Carey Grammar School - Courtney Higlett, Stephanie Lloyd, Charlotte McFarlane, Rachel Bett, Cox: Lily Walters-Quan, Coaches: Hannah Cossins, Emily Muir

2nd Geelong Grammar School - Amelia Cameron, Alexandra Kaye, Sarah Thompson, Yasmin Howes, Cox: Gretel Sharp, Coach: Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford

3rd The Geelong College - Thea Philip, Paris Kontelj, Lucy Campbell, Laura Walker, Cox: Katrina Bigelow, Coach: Tim Wright

4th Caulfield Grammar School - Isabelle Caithness, Cecile Knights, Mel Prior, Lara Stephens, Cox: Emily Davis, Coach: Greg Meredith

5th Haileybury College - Ellie Magdziarz, Ruby Bingham, Hannah Liefman, Brooke Martin, Cox: Maddi Roux, Coach: Connie Vanderwerp

6th Wesley College - Katherine Hymer, Zoe Castran, Hester Lyon, Sallly Byers, Cox: Isabelle Jenkins, Coach: Emily Petricol

Girls Year 10 Four Division B







1st Geelong Grammar School - Jacqueline Brookes, Charlotte Morrison, Claire Moore, Emma Commins, Cox: Sophie Parsons, Coach: Kim Baker

2nd Haileybury College - Sarah McWilliam, Lucy Janssen, Leisa Jeffrey, Sarah Pradolin, Cox: Katani LaRocca, Coach: Connie Vanderwerp

3rd Caulfield Grammar School - Jessica Lord, Harriet Conron, Kate Browne, Clare Petch, Cox: Aiyana Roberts, Coach: Sarah Tubb

4th The Geelong College - Danielle Roberts, Lucy Duffield, Madeline Stevens, Francoise Hill, Cox: Hannah Chirnside, Coach: John Hill

5th Wesley College - Kristen Coombs, Alexandra Whitehead, Hannah Pike, Mietta Van der Horst, Cox: Simone Chaochalakorn, Coach: Ceda Verbakel

6th Carey Grammar School - Lauren Oswin, Claire McGillivray, Tori Pepperell, Stephanie Marshall, Cox: Bianca Censori, Coaches: Courtney Dunbabin, Allegra Blain

Girls Year 10 Four Division C







1st Carey Grammar School - Elissa Dannock, Amy Carlile, Kate Higlett, Jessie Seear, Cox: Elise Bone, Coaches: Caroline Hart, Lucy Arthur

2nd Wesley College - Elizabeth Motton, Eve Bell, Annabel Mason, Simone Petropoulos, Cox: Ellen Rankin, Coach: Hannah Martin

3rd Haileybury College - Sarah Diggerson, Kymberly Seccull, Caitlyn Cruse, Sarah Pradolin, Cox: Chanel Cook, Coach: Ashleigh Farren

4th Caulfield Grammar School - Eliza Cikoratic, Sacha Maartens, Sarah Thompson, Alex Tulloch, Cox: Mika Parow, Coach: Kate Hanly

5th Geelong Grammar School - Anastasia Costelloe, Tiff Gray, Kate Gillett, Chloe Lynch, Cox: Emily O'Beirne, Coach: Emmie Taylor 

6th The Geelong College - Emily Fuller, Sophie Brand, Fiona Riley, Grace Clark, Cox: Remy Blair-Thomson, Coach: Louise Monotti

Girls Year 10 Four Division D







1st Geelong Grammar School - Annabel Evans, Victoria Branson, Hilary Van Leeuwen, Sarah Fleetwood, Cox: Sophie Finckh, Coach: Cherry More

2nd Wesley College - Linley Mahony, Charlotte Imer, Annie Xia, Georgia Cox, Cox: Edwina Orchard, Coach: Michael Zippel

3rd Carey Grammar School - Bronwen Main, Ellie Masson, Natalie Thomas, Maddie Robson, Cox: Jasmine Eliott, Coaches: Jordan Champness, Eleanor Bulford

4th Caulfield Grammar School - Anna Uhe, Isobel Chiosso, Brittany Ryan, Sabrina Templeton, Cox: Phi-Anh Pham, Coach: Ashleigh Morrison

5th Haileybury College - Sarah Diggerson, Samantha Parker, Georgia Montgomery, Samantha Kale, Cox: Mary Sorsok, Coach: Ashleigh Farren

6th The Geelong College - Georgina Skuza, Kameiko Gray, Emma Bath, Philippa Weetman, Cox: Lucy Walsh, Coach: Benjamin Thompson

Girls Year 10 Four Division E





1st Geelong Grammar School - Elizabeth Sutherland, Delia Chandler, Jemima McKenzie, Victoria Wetherall, Cox: Amelia Austin, Coach: Sophie Jarrold

2nd Wesley College - Joanna Barelli, Sophie Don, Alexandra Prest, Rebecca Saniga, Cox: Shafaye Gesundheit, Coaches: Sophie Stone, Millie Mavrodis

3rd Carey Grammar School - Marihiam Kaloudis, Stephanie Antonucci, Poppy Pringle, Sally Carden, Cox: Josephine Slifirski, Coaches: Clare Hollebone, Sophie Richards

4th Caulfield Grammar School - Olivia Brewer, Eliza Byrne, Isabella Muto, Stephanie Keenan, Cox: Genevieve Barlow, Coach: Charlotte Dutton

Girls Year 9 Four Division A





1st Caulfield Grammar School - Rebecca Ingleton, Lauren Kangisser, Julia Cowell, Maddie Steel, Cox: Ashleigh Rothel, Coach: Kirsten Meyer

2nd Carey Grammar School - Laura Daly, Georgia Stewart, Ruby Long, Ashley Morris, Cox: Lauren Frahamer, Coaches: Richard Pryor, Mark Holliebone

3rd The Geelong College - Ella Fenton, Tayla Nott, Hannah Caithness, Hannah Peace, Cox: Grace Scheiner, Coach: Susan Campbell

4th Wesley College - Lydia McCloskey, Elenna Niteros, Megan Wild, Amy Gilbertson, Cox: Chilli Anderson, Coach: Kirsten Chapman

Girls Year 9 Four Division B





1st Caulfield Grammar School - Hannah Schneider, Zali Rayment, Meg Harris, Alexandra Fisher, Cox: Demi Mand, Coach: Bronwyn Labrooy

2nd The Geelong College - Keeley Murrihy, Georgia Hughes, Zara Wilkens, Amy Sheridan, Cox: Hannah Kent-Spark, Coach: Laura O'Rourke

3rd Wesley College - Yasemin Mehmet, Sarah Thompson, Lucy Robinson, Rebecca Donnan, Cox: Celene White, Coach: Richard Parker

4th Carey Grammar School - Anna Munns, Heidi Frahamer, Eliza Cremean, Paige Warnes, Cox: Molly O'Neill, Coaches: Hannah Wallis, Dominy Joseph

Girls Year 9 Four Division C





1st Caulfield Grammar School - Emily Hastie, Kate Bresnan, Phoebe Houghton, Tara Pritchard, Cox: Meg Hudson, Coach: Eliza Kirby

2nd Carey Grammar School - Madeleine George, Genevieve Saccon, Gina O"Neill, Madeleine Stanboultgis, Cox: Ruby Long, Coaches: Claire Cooney, Tori Wandke

3rd The Geelong College - Maddie Leonard, Steffie Thomson, Lucy Macdonald, Molly Forshaw, Cox: Erica White, Coach: Christine McGlade

4th Wesley College - Adelle Petropoulos, Brodie Mayer, Sophie Imer, Annie Williamson, Cox: Jenny Kay, Coach: David Yeates

Girls Year 9 Four Division D





1st Carey Grammar School - Emily Abery, Amelia James, Asha Khan, Madeleine Coco, Cox: Charlotte Nicholls, Coach: Michael Censori

2nd The Geelong College - Sophie Radalj, Claire Rogers, Courtney Andrews, Lilli Cashman, Cox: Sarah Meager, Coach: Jenny Hayles

3rd Caulfield Grammar School - Betsy Syme, Sarah de Bondt, Brooke Caulfield, Chelsea Neave, Cox: Tess Whitford, Coach: Amy Stubbs

4th Wesley College - Annabelle Marriner, Isabel Wassmann, Madeleine Sanders, Sonja Kakouros, Cox: Jessica Naylor, Coach: Airley Broomfield

Girls Year 9 Four Division E







1st Carey Grammar School - Olivia O'Connor, Maddy Northover, Brigitte Kelleher, Kate Azarnikow, Cox: Anneliese Harriss, Coach: Rhiannon Brooks

2nd Caulfield Grammar School - Laura Stiles, Cassandra Hatzipantelis, Jessica Rau, Simone Tribe, Cox: Evangeline Browne, Coach: Megan Fraumano

3rd Carey Grammar School - Eleanor Sweeney, Ellen Guilfoyle, Kate Cohn, Kimberley Shannon, Cox: Ellie Schonberg, Coaches: Pat Arundell, Andrew De Morton

4th The Geelong College - Rachel Odam, Jacqui Grange, Melody Philpott, Alana Hocking, Cox: Lily Pipkorn, Coach: Alice Morgan

5th Wesley College - Jazzy Bade-Boon, Corinna Lagerberg, Cassandra Charlaftis, Annika Lammers, Cox: Ellie Schnizler, Coach: Virginia Heal

6th Caulfield Grammar School - Chloe Lok, Candy Cooper, Maeve McEvoy, Elise Hehir, Cox: Molly McKenna, Coach: Harriet Houghton

Girls Year 9 Four Division F


1st Carey Grammar - Georgia Swanton, Courtney Andrews, Steph Kenealy, Alice Macdonald, Cox: Lucy Macdonald, Coaches: Georgia Dyer, Sian Salmon
2nd Carey Grammar - Izabella Yena, Alexandra Lawrence, Maddi Taylor, Madeleine Keck, Cox: Annabelle Shepherd, Coach: Sarah Anderson
3rd Wesley College - Isabella Cohen, Tove Berkhout, Laura Karantonis, Letisha Boland, Cox: Brittany Kiegaldie, Coach: James Bickford
4th Caulfield Grammar
- Ashley Morling, Brigitte Annois, Maire Kashyap, Megs Moran, Cox: Ashleigh Rothel, Coach: Adele Knights
5th Caulfield Grammar - Rebecca Hall, Ellie Andriotis, Alex Morris, Cassandra Robertson-Gunderson, Cox: Marianna Khaled, Coach: Alison Rady

Girls Year 9 Four Division G


1st Carey Grammar - Thea Bouzounis, Miriam Al-Noah, Eliza Northey, Isabel Mitchell, Cox: Grace Dowling, Coaches: Alexandra Grivas, Sam Jamieson
2nd Carey Grammar
- Stephanie Webster, Jessica Herold, Miren Maloney Urdampilleta, Jonti Nolan, Cox: Skye McKenry, Coaches: Bridget Cremean, Genevieve Lillis
3rd Caulfield Grammar - Georgia MacLaren, Daisy Connolly, Caroline Halley, Grace Rowsthorn, Cox: Sophie Jolly, Coach: Kate Tyson
4th Caulfield Grammar - Bronte Spielvogel, Ashleigh Dodd, Eliz Bilal, Lauren Barton, Cox: Shiara Jayasekera, Coaches: Marisa Pineo, Michelle Burke, Haley Mason

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