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Australian Rowing History

Australian Senior Crews in Other Events 

Senior Australian teams have competed in many international events such as World Cups or other rowing events as warm up racing for their main event, usually the World Championships. This chapter is not intended to capture those events.

This chapter is focused on capturing senior Australian crews selected to compete in events not covered in other chapters. This chapter is intended to capture these important Australian crews.

Be aware that in some early cases, entries racing as Australia were private in nature and not necessarily selected representative crews/scullers, but they were clearly permitted to race for Australia. 

By way of further background, this chapter commenced as a means of capturing events regarded as the pinnacle event that year for that division. For example, when the World Championships were not conducted annually, (or in case of women’s rowing, pre 1974 before they had World Championship status), the European Championships which were the de facto World Championships in those years, with an excellent depth of field and holding FISA Continental Championship status. Another FISA Continental Championship included in an non-World Championship year was the 1967 FISA North American Continental Championships in Canada.

We also wanted to capture Canadian Henley regattas for lightweight women before FISA created championships status for that division in 1985.

Despite this focus, other events have been included to attempt to capture other senior Australian representative crews not recorded in other chapters, for example the Seattle Opening Day Regatta crews racing for the Windermere Cup. (Please note that Australia sent under 23 crews to the Windemere Cup in 1988 and because not senior crews and not their main event, they are not included here. Details of these crews can be found under the 1988 Under 23 Trans Tasman Series chapter.) 

We have made good endeavours to track them all relevant crews down but there will undoubtedly be some missed. Advice of any other crews would be welcomed.

The following links to the relevant regattas are provided.

1967 team departs

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