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Australian Rowing History

2023 – Opening Day Regatta, Seattle USA 

The Australians were again invited to compete for the Windermere Cup at the Opening day Regatta in Seattle Washington. The substantial crystal cup and the expenses for the visitors were donated by the Windermere Real Estate Company of Seattle. The hospitality and welcome are always generous.

Team welcome

Women’s Windermere Cup Eight - Second

Ella Bramwell (SA)
Laura Foley (VIC)
Jaime Ford (NSW)
Eliza Gaffney (VIC)
Jean Mitchell (VIC)
Eleanor Price (NSW)
Sarah Tisdall (QLD)
Mimi Tuddenham (VIC)
Cox: Nicolas Rogers (WA)
Emergencies: Madeleine Williams (QLD) and Lauren Graham (NSW)
Cch: Annabelle Eaton (VIC)

Women's Eight at the presentation

Men’s Windermere Cup Eight - Second

Charlie Batrouney (VIC)
Marcus Britt (NSW)
George Finlayson (NSW)
Rohan Lavery (VIC)
Alex Nichol (NSW)
Miller Rowe (QLD)
Alexander Wolf (VIC)
Hamish Wynn-Pope (VIC)
Cox: Lucy Burnell (VIC)
Emergencies: Will Achermann (VIC) and Bradley Graham (NSW)
Cch: Matt Ryan (VIC)

Men's Eight Presentation


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