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Australian School Rowing History

School Rowing in Tasmania

School rowing in Tasmania can be traced back to the early days of Hobart in the 19th century. David Young in his book Sporting Island  writes:

The sons of well-to-do Tasmanians were catered for by a number of private schools that sought to emulate their illustrious English models. Of these, the City School, Hobart, was one of the most progressive. Its headmaster, H M Pike, was of the Muscular Christian persuasion, firmly believing that education should be aimed at the body as well as the min

In 1874 he organised a school boating club, for which Whitehouse Brothers of Battery Point provided a shed and boats. Crews of boys were selected and put into training. The City School Rowing Club held its first races in July 1874, and the following March held a regatta at Castray Esplanade. There were four races, including a 4-mile old scholars' race for four-oared boats. Thereafter, the City School's regattas were held annually and provided valuable training for many who would become Hobart's leading 'knights of the ash'.*

* David Young, "Sporting Island: A history of sport and recreation in Tasmania", 2005, Sport and Recreation Tasmania, p. 139.

School Regattas 


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