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History of Southern Rowing Club

Very little is known about this club other than it commenced in 1882 in Prahran and disbanded before 1914. It boated on Albert Park Lake and took advantage of the enhanced waterway on the lake which were in operation by 1882. The lake was originally a series of swamps and was excavated during the 1870s to form the lake. 

In 1886, the club changed it's name to the City of Prahran Southern Rowing Club and adopted navy blue and gold uniforms. There was another club named Prahran City Rowing Club which disbanded pre 1914. Whether this was another club and the reason why Southern was retained in it's name, or the same club, is unclear.

The Prahran Telegraph in September 1886 recorded the office bearers for 1886-87 season as:

Captain: Mr J Laird
Vice-Captain: Mr W Laker
Treasurer: Mr Frayne
Secretary: Mr G Strain

Andrew Guerin
May 2024


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