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History of Essendon Ladies' Rowing Club


history of women's rowing at the essendon rowing club

This history was written by Christine Camiller as a research paper in partial fulfillment of the subject History of Australian Sport at the Victoria University of Technology in June 2000.

Christine provided the following introduction in her research paper:

This research has been undertaken for the purpose of retrieving the true history of the Essendon Ladies Rowing Club (ELRC). In l987,a fire destroyed the sheds of the ELRC and all that was in it, including historical documents, trophies, photographs and, of course, boats and equipment. The author's intention is to unfold the past achievements and progressions of the Essendon ladies, especially concentrating on the amalgamation with the Essendon Rowing Club (ERC) before the fire in 1987 and the status of the ELRC preceding the amalgamation. The author acknowledges that whilst primary sources have been explored for this paper, thus leading to a brief rediscovery of the ELRC, a significant number of other sources have arisen from the research, such as additional interviewing contacts. This paper is a stepping stone to a more fulfilling and comprehensive analysis of the history of the ELRC which it so rightly deserves.

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