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Australian Rowing History

About This History


The task of bringing together this information has been challenging because of not so much what is included but because of what is excluded.

The theme chosen has been to focus on the elite end of the sport hence sections on the major international competitions in which Australian rowers have competed. However for most of Australia’s rowing history, the pinnacle of achievement in Australian Rowing was the Interstate Championships. Accordingly, it is vital that these events also be covered in the same depth as the international competitions. These events are included but remain incomplete.

The editor has chosen to follow the lead given by John Lang in his 1919 book "The Victorian Oarsman" which dealt with each event separately. To overcome the issue of continuity, biographies of those mentioned in this work are provided to monitor individual achievement across events.

Errors will undoubtedly sneak through our review processes and we apologise for any that arise. Please email any suggestions or corrections to for review. The history will be regularly updated and expanded to provide a more thorough history of the sport in Australia.

The editor would also welcome authors providing new chapters to be added to this collection.

The editor trusts that you will find this work of benefit and interest.

Andrew Guerin
Editor and primary author

Andrew Guerin


Many photographs from 1988 onwards are the work of Hebfotos, the Late Guy Hebblewhite and Cynthia Judd, and their great work is acknowledged.

Steve Roll has been a consistent and deep volunteer contributor to the website, specifically researching names and backgrounds of rowers. Thank you Steve.

This history was compiled from the following sources:

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  • Recollections, photos or information from:
    • John Absolon
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    • Ian Allen
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    • Warren Andersen
    • Reinhold Batschi
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    • James Harvey
    • Guy Hebblewhite
    • Bernard Hempseed
    • Stephen Hinchy
    • Nick Hunter
    • Cynthia Judd
    • Lyndon Lockrey
    • Paul Logan
    • Andrew Lovibond
    • Richard Luxford
    • Lewis Varley Luxton
    • Adrian Maginn
    • Ken Marshall
    • Lyall McCarthy
    • John McDonald
    • Margaret Mackenzie
    • Kim Mackney
    • Paul Mishura
    • Michael Morgan
    • Barry Moynahan
    • David & Susie Palfreyman
    • Late Bob Pennington
    • Alexander Purnell
    • Robin Poke
    • Bruce Ramsay
    • Steve Roll
    • Jim Saul
    • Chris Shinners
    • Colin Smith
    • Hope & Rob Stewart
    • Ted Thomas
    • Paul Thompson
    • Brian Vear
    • Bill Webb
    • Emily Wilmoth
    • Andrew Wilson
    • Bryan Wilson
    • Merv Wood
    • David Yates

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