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West Wimmera Rowing Association

The West Wimmera Rowing Association was an association of three Clubs, who were all situated on the Wimmera River. It was established immediately after WWI.

The Clubs were:

The President of the Dimboola Rowing Club at that time, Dr Phillips, presented a shield for the annual competition between the clubs. The shield has survived and can be found at the Dimboola Rowing Club.

These three clubs provided a disproportionate number of members for WWI despite being in an important food production area. Profiles of these many members can be found in the Rowing Victoria WWI Roll of Honour chapter.

Given the distances and costs involved to travel to regattas in Melbourne and regional centres, it was far more appropriate to race amongst themselves. It may have also have been a factor that they all relied upon the Wimmera River flowing. This did not occur in parts of the year and in some instances, over full years. The Association was far more relevant to them than the Victorian Rowing Association.

Sadly both the Association and two of its member clubs, Antwerp and Jeparit, no longer exist.


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