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History of Torrens Rowing Club

Table of Contents



  1. Life Members, Presidents, Captains, Australian & Olympic Representatives
  2. 1903-1914
  3. 1914-1930
  4. 1931-1939
  5. 1939-1956
  6. 1957-1965
  7. 1966-1979
  8. 1980-1990
  9. 1990-2003


In 2003, the Torrens Rowing Club celebrated its centenary with the publication of a history titled "Torrens Rowing Club 100 Years".

Centenary history cover

Front cover of the 2003 Centenary History.

The history was researched and compiled by the members of the Torrens Rowing Club. Jack Bollen (first 75 years), Bob Russell, Marco Lippis and Dianne de Bellis. Torrens Rowing Club acknowledges the support of the South Australian Government through the History Trust of South Australia. This history has been reproduced on this site with the kind permission of Torrens Rowing Club.

Torrens Rowing Club

After 100 Years
29 Club Presidents
2 World Wars
The Great Depression
and the Great Fire of 1975

In 2003 we hold the Men's and Women's First Grade Eight Championships and the Men's and Women's 2002-2003 Premierships!

2003 men's and women's first grade eight championships

The winning lst Grade Eight Champions.

Tara Ellis (stroke), Miranda Bennett, Judith Sluiter, Jasmin Meyer, Mareike Mueller, Kate Shepherd, Amanda Vishnich arid Jemma Ferguson, Phil Blessing (coach). Mark Sparnon (stroke), Todd Jones, Tim Donaldson Josh Masters, Michael Craven, Mackenzie Jarvis, Dan Masters, Marco Lippis and Jordan Welden-Iley (cox), Andrew, Stunell (Coach).

The year 2003 marks a milestone in the history of the Torrens Rowing Club being the 100 year since its inauguration. We are proud of what the Club has achieved over these years. Our performances have been colorful, gratifying in competition and the Club has grown to be well regarded and respected throughout the rowing community in Australia.

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