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History of Torrens Rowing Club

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  1. Life Members, Presidents, Captains, Australian & Olympic Representatives
  2. 1903-1914
  3. 1914-1930
  4. 1931-1939
  5. 1939-1956
  6. 1957-1965
  7. 1966-1979
  8. 1980-1990
  9. 1990-2003


1956-57 was the start of a run of success for our Senior Four, the same members winning the Championship Title continuously for many years. They were Cliff Graetz (bow), Adrian Jones(2), Bryan Draper(3), David Glanville (st) and Graham Cuell (cox). They also individually represented the state in the Kings Cup crew for many years. TRC held the Championship Senior Four title for eight consecutive years with varying other crew members added to the above.

Due to the influence of the TOMS, Mr Laurie Baulderstone resumed his connection with the Club and on 16 November 1957 was appointed Club Captain. He continued in that position for the following six years with a dedication that was unbelievable in its intensity. His cousin, Mr Don Baulderstone, became a tower of strength looking after the finances of the Club.

In 1958, Mr Alan Southcott, the Club Patron for many years, presented the Club with a new racing Eight plus a set of blades. It was christened the "Frank Lodge". Mr Southcott was the first TRC member to become President of the South Australian Rowing Association, a position he held until 1977, when another TRC member, Mr Bruce Robertson, was elected in his stead.

Bruce Robertson joined our Club from Sydney Rowing Club in 1958 and the following year was selected for the Kings Cup crew together with an up and coming star, Bob Russell. These two members, along with Bob's brother Ian Russell, have been magnificent supporters of the Club in all respects. Bob has represented SA 28 times either as an oarsman or coach .

Over this period the Club won Champion Senior Eights for seven consecutive titles including the last 3 Mile Championship, with Bob Russell the only member to row in each Championship win.

The Senior State Premiership was won by TRC for six consecutive years, Junior Premiership three times and the Lightweight Premiership four times during this period.

Coaches J. Bollen, B. Draper, P Blank, K, McCoy and others did a great job during this period to keep TRC on top.

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