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Australian Rowing History

1997– Opening Day Regatta, Seattle USA 

The Australians were again invited to compete for the Windermere Cup at the Opening day Regatta in Seattle Washington. The substantial crystal cup and the expenses for the visitors were donated by the Windermere Real Estate Company of Seattle. The hospitality and welcome are always generous.

Originally the invitation was extended to Australia's under 23 crews as per 1988 which resulted in one Australian crew winning and the other not. They were good competitive races. However, Australia had under age trials at the same time as the race. Australia suggested a team of resting Olympians and the crews were based on these athletes, with various levels of fitness. This was agreed and a star studded team was sent despite appropriate preparation. The crews also amply partook of the generous hospitality provided with the obvious results.

Women’s Windermere Cup Eight - Second

Jenni (Vesnaver) Hogan (SA)
Emmy Snook (WA)
Karina Weiland (ACT)
Alison Davies (SA)
Carmen Wearne (nee Klomp) (NSW)
Anna Ozolins (SA)
Amy Safe (SA)
Jenny Luff (NSW)
Kate Slatter (SA)
Bronwyn Thompson (VIC)
Cox: Kay Hick (ACT)

The crew suffered a breakage and did not finish the race.

Men’s Windermere Cup Eight - Second 

Bow: Peter Murphy (NSW)
2: Peter Antonie (VIC)
3: Ben Dodwell (VIC)
4: Nick Porzig (WA)
5: Jaime Fernandez (ACT)
6: Michael McKay (VIC)
7: Nick Green (VIC)
Str: James Tomkins (VIC)
Cox: David Colvin (VIC)
Emergency: Ron Snook (WA)

Coach of both crews: Brian Dalton (VIC)

Team Manager: John Boultbee (NSW)


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