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Australian Rowing History

1980 – Royal Canadian Henley, St Catharines CAN 

Robin Poke in his history of Australian rowing summed up their performances as follows:

In August came news from Canada that Australia's lightweight women had emulated the performance of the previous year's squad and won gold and silver medals in the lightweight fours and pairs at the 98th Canadian Henley.

The gold medal winning crew were Barbara Phelan (bow), Gwenda Bennetts, Barbara Griffiths, Lesley Cummins (stroke) and Allison Davidson (cox) who were coached by Brian Dalton. Janell Williams and Kim Brown also won gold in the pairs. They were coached by the versatile John Welch, who also mentored silver medal winning sculler Sandra Rourke.

Women’s Lightweight Four - Gold

Bow: Barbara Phelan (VIC)
2: Gwenda Bennetts (VIC) 
3: Barbara Griffiths (VIC)
Str: Lesley Cummins (SA)
Cox: Allison Davidson (VIC)
Emergency: Bernadette Mahony (VIC)
Cch: Brian Dalton (VIC)

Women’s Lightweight Pair - Gold

Bow: Janell Williams (NSW)
Str: Kim Brown (NSW)
Cch: John St Vincent Welch (NSW)

Women’s Lightweight Scull - Silver

Sandy Rourke (NSW)
Cch: John St Vincent Welch (NSW)


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