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History of the Victorian APS Head of the River rowing regatta

1959 Head of the River

The ninety-second Head of the River brought several changes.

Back in 1957, the APS expanded to include Brighton Grammar, Haileybury College, Carey Baptist Grammar School, Caulfield Grammar School and St Kevins College.

At this regatta, Brighton and Caulfield entered crews in the third, fourth and fifth crews - the regatta expanding to fourth and fifth crews to allow this entry.

The heats of the firsts and seconds only are rowed on the Friday.

Head of the River

Time: 4:57.4
Margins: 3/4 length & 1/2 length

Losers final:
Time: 5:08.2
Margins: 3/4 length & 3 feet

1st Geelong College - Bow: M L McDonald, 2: J H Quinton, 3: A F McClelland, 4: W J P Selle, 5: H T Bromwell, 6: A R Scott, 7: A B Troedel, Str: T W Sproat, Cox: N F Walter, Cch: Albert B Bell
2nd Melbourne Grammar - Bow: L V Luxton, 2: T R Pringle, 3: R G A a'Beckett, 4: J W Stuckey, 5: I F Bult, 6: D McA Baillieu, 7: E W Campbell, Str: William L Ruttledge, Cox: G C Morgan, Cch: Gordon Sargood
3rd Geelong Grammar - Bow: T E Laycock, 2: D M Coles, 3: W A H Molesworth, 4: G H Burston, 5: R W Trotter, 6: S E Brockman, 7: C J Hazzard, Str: R P Gorton, Cox: J S Ayres, Cch: Hugh Ward

Finish of the final

Losers final:
1st Wesley College - Bow: P R Martin, 2: J R Fox, 3: L C Evans, 4: W J D Henshaw, 5: G D Allen, 6: R W Hector, 7: N R Gordon, Str: R G Selleck, Cox: Mark A Schapper, Cch: Alan W Mitchell
2nd Scotch College - Bow: David I Munro, 2: Robert J Anderson, 3: Rodney S Olsson, 4: Bruce C Carr, 5: John S Collingwood, 6: Chester S Keon-Cohen, 7: Graeme D P Strang, Str: Geoffrey E Speed, Cox: Christopher J Newman, Cch: Laurence H Christie
3rd Xavier College
- Bow: Tim T Whitehead, 2: J J Zahara, 3: D Malcolm McKenzie, 4: Michael F McKenna, 5: S R Nixon, 6: James F Gurry, 7: Arthur W Adams, Str: T R Griffin, Cox: D J Reilly, Cch: Charlie G Saleh

Scotch College First Crew

Standing: R S Olsson, B C Carr, L H Christie, R J Anderson, D H Yunghanns
Seated: G D P Strang, J S Collingwood, G E Speed, C S keon Cohen, D I Munro
In front: C J Newman

Heat results:
E1: 1st MGS, 2nd SC, Margin: 2 1/2 lengths, Time: 5:00.2
E2: 1st GC, 2nd XC, Margin: 1 1/4 lengths,Time: 4:55.6
E3: 1st GGS, 2nd WC, Margin: 1/2 length, Time: 5:02.8

Second Crews

Time: 3:46
Margins: 3/4 length & 1 length
Distance 0/75 mile

Losers final:
Time: 3:48

1st Scotch College - Bow: C A Henley, 2: R G Logie-Smith, 3: J B Gerrand, 4: J R Vroland, 5: R E C Johnston, 6: John H Gumley, 7: David H Hume Str: A R McKinnon, Cox: J V Blomfield, Cch: Donald R T Macmillan
2nd Wesley College
3rd Melbourne Grammar

Scotch College Second Eight

Losers final:
1st Geelong College
2nd Xavier College
- Bow: D Murphy, 2: G Prendergast, 3: J Long, 4: K Duncan, 5: T Kearney, 6: M Burke, 7: C Bishop, Str: W Ryan, Cox: G Tehan, Cch: K Andrews
3rd Geelong Grammar

E1: 1st MGS, 2nd GGS, Time: 3:52.8, Margin: 0.75 length
E2: 1st SC, 2nd GC, Time: 3:42.8, Margin: Canvas
E3: 1st WC, 2nd XC, Time: 3:48.8, Margin: 0.75 length

Third Crews

Time: 2:38.2
Margin: 0.5 length
Distance 0.5 mile

Losers final
Time: 2:41
Margins: Canvas and 1/2 length

1st Scotch College - Bow: C T K Stuart, 2: G K Stephens, 3: A J Hornby, 4: G H Thomas, 5: S L Brown, 6: Graeme H Boykett, 7: A C Dilley, Str: ] L McFarlane, Cox: D V Wrigglesworth, Cch: P N Thomson
2nd Melbourne Grammar
Equal 3rd Wesley College
Equal 3rd Geelong College

Scotch College Third Crew

Losers final:
1st Brighton Grammar
2nd Xavier College
3rd Geelong Grammar
4th Caulfield Grammar

E1: 1st SC, 2nd WC, 3rd GGS, 4th BGS, Margins: 2 feet and 3/4 length
E2: 1st MGS, 2nd GC, 3rd XC, 4th CGS, Margin: 1/2 length

Fourth Crews

Distance: 0.5 mile Time: 2:47
Margin: 1/3 length

Losers final
Time: 2:41.6
Margin: 1 length

1st Xavier College - Str: Tom Tehan
2nd Scotch College - Bow: D E MacVean, 2: R Henry, 3: M D Campbell, 4: R M Brownfield, 5: S Forster, 6: G C Eggleston, 7: D E Bowden, Str: P V McConnell, Cox: J C Clark, Cch: A Staley
3rd Geelong College

Losers final
1st Geelong Grammar
2nd Melbourne Grammar
3rd Wesley College

E1: 1st SC, 2nd WC, Time: 2:41.1, Margin: 1 1/2 length
E2: 1st GC, 2nd MGS, Time: 2:44.3, Margin: 1/3 length
E3: 1st XC, 2nd GGS, Time: 2:40.1, Margin: 1/3 length

Fifth Crews

Distance: 0.5 mile
Time: 2:45
Margin: 1 lengths

Losers final
Time: 2:31.8
Margin: 1 1/4 lengths

1st Xavier College - Str: Dick Garrard
2nd Melbourne Grammar
3rd Scotch College
- Bow: A B Holmes, 2: M S Lorimer, 3: J G Mackinnon, 4: H G Evans, 5: I D Telford, 6: N J Black, 7: A J Bristow, Str: R A Morgan, Cox: D Simpson, Cch: L Bell
4th Geelong College

Losers final:
1st Wesley College
2nd Caulfield Grammar
3rd Geelong Grammar
4th Brighton Grammar

E1: 1st XC, 2nd GC, 3rd GGS, 4th BGS, Time: 3:41.1
E2: 1st MGS, 2nd SC, 3rd WC, 4th CGS, Time: 2:46.2

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