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History of the Victorian APS Head of the River rowing regatta

1964 Head of the River

It was the year for Melbourne Grammar in the ninety--sevent Head of the River with an easy win in the heat from the Intermediate Final winners Caulfield. In the final it was a tight race with Geelong College and the Intermediate final was and even better affair with all three crews tightly finishing.

Organising Committee and Officials

APS Committee: Rev J Hawkins SJ (XC-Chairman), J H Pettifer (BGS), R Costello (Carey), G Wilkinson (CGS), C A Bickford (GC), V Tunbridge (GGS), B Clark (HC), G J Brooksbank (MGS), Bro K Nagle (SKC), O J W Ferres (SC), J Kroger (WC), E M Davidson (Hon Secretary)

Starters - Robert B Duncan and William Wallace

Umpires - Norman W Cairnes and Geoff Harding

Judges - J William Bradshaw and W B Grose

Clerk of Scales - V Profitt

Clerk of Course - R W Purnell

Timekeepers - H W Splatt, J Treengrove and R Gowty

Broadcasters - P G Davidson, Peter Gibbs, G Speed, D K Hyslop, P Brooksbank

Head of the River

Time: 4:58.0
Margins: 0.5 and 3 lengths

Intermediate Final
Time: 5:03.0
Margins: 0.25 and 0.75 lengths

Losers Final
Time: 5:01.0
Margins: 0.5 and 1 length

1st Melbourne Grammar School - Bow: T R Hudson, 2: T A L Stokes, 3: R J Wakefield, 4: D A C Lang, 5: John R Harry, 6: F C Tuckett, 7: S A Holland, Str: P Christopher Dane, Cox: A O a'Beckett, Cch: Gordon Sargood
2nd Geelong College
- Bow: A Lyon, 2: R McK Robson, 3: J Gardner, 4: A Drew, 5: T Hinchcliffe, 6: R Lawler, 7: A Ellerman, Str: W Kock, Cox: R Wright, Cch: K Smith
3rd Geelong Grammar School
- Bow: C P Lang, 2: C R N Macleod, 3: A R Tosevin, 4: S I R Bubb, 5: R B Gardiner, 6: P S Lister, 7: P D White, Str: N M Virtue, Cox: O B Mace

Melbourne Grammar celebrate their victory in the Head of the River

Intermediate Final
1st Caulfield Grammar School - Bow: P Genney, 2: R McNichol, 3: B T Young, 4: R Kerr, 5: M C Oakley, 6: A Stewart, 7: D Hornsby, Str: G Barnes, Cox: G Godkin, Cch: I McWilliam
2nd Scotch College
- Bow: Ian E B Holmes, 2: John B Blanch, 3: Michael D Velik, 4: Carlile B Edwards, 5: Bruce D Fairlie, 6: Robert W A Strang, 7: Kenneth V Brown, Str: Peter E M L Philp, Cox: Peter H Nicholson, Cch: Robert R Aitken
3rd Carey Grammar
- Bow: P J Stewart, 2: J R Spencer, 3: C C Bradbury, 4: J W Rees, 5: E S Marsden, 6: M D Zimbler, 7: D J Sands, Str: I D Jonston, Cox: A R Roberts, Cch: D Evans

Losers Final
1st Xavier College - Bow: Victor G Mulder, 2: M R Andre, 3: P L Renouf, 4: M J Strong, 5: M P Bryan, 6: H F Jones, 7: R J Galbally, Str: James E Bourke, Cox: Tom C Daffy, Cch: Charles G Saleh
2nd Wesley College
- Bow: R C Johnson, 2: C H Long, 3: Anthony J Oakley, 4: Stephen R Bennett, 5: I G Taylor, 6: P J Castle, 7: R E Luff, Str: P H Hoban, Cox: G O Marks, Cch: Alan W Mitchell
3rd Brighton Grammar School
- Bow: P Laurie, 2: R Currey, 3: G Gartner, 4: P Purcell, 5: O Harris, 6: C Davies, 7: I Nixon, Str: P Hazeldine, Cox: B Gartner, Cch: G O Harris
4th St Kevin's College
- Bow: N J McMahon, 2: I D Collie, 3: A E Ohlsen, 4: M D Bidey, 5: W A Vautin, 6: J K Reinehr, 7: M J Sheehan, Str: W J Winter, Cox: M A Corrigan, Cch: Jack Coghlan

E1: 1st GC, 2nd SC, 3rd XC, 4th BGS Time: 4:40.8 Margins: 0.5 and 1.5 lengths
E2: 1st GGS, 2nd Carey, 3rd SKC Time: 4:42.0 Margins: 1.5 and 0.5 lengths
E3: 1st MGS, 2nd CGS, 3rd WC Time: 4:39.0 Margins: 2 and 0.25 lengths

Second Eights

Time: 3:40.6
Margins: Canvas and 0.75 length

1st Caulfield Grammar School
2nd Scotch College
3rd Geelong College
4th Xavier College
- Bow: B Naughton, 2: S Peters, 3: M Daffy, 4: J Meehan, 5: P Dixon, 6: L Tribolet, 7: B Slattery, Str: P Byrne, Cox: J Hill, Cch: J McDavitt

Losers Final
1st Mebourne Grammar
2nd Geelong Grammar
3rd Wesley College

E1: 1st CGS, 2nd GC, 3rd GGS, 4th MGS. NTT Margins: Canvas and 0.75 length
E2: 1st SC, 2nd XC, 3rd WC. NTT Margins: 1 length and 1 length

Third Eights

Time: 2:40.0
Margins: Canvas and 0.25 length

Intermediate Final
Time: 2:45.0
Margins: Canvas and 0.5 length

Losers Final
Time: 2:48.8
Margins: 1.5 lengths and 2 feet

1st Geelong Grammar
2nd Caulfield Grammar
3rd Brighton Grammar

Intermediate Final
1st Carey Grammar
2nd Melbourne Grammar
3rd Wesley College

Losers Final
1st Geelong College
2nd Scotch College
3rd St Kevin's College
4th Xavier College

Fourth Eights

Time: 2:49.6
Margins: Canvas and 2 feet

Losers final
Time: 2:41.0
Margin: 1 foot

1st Melbourne Grammar
2nd Geelong College
3rd Geelong Grammar
4th Wesley College

Losers Final
1st Scotch College
2nd Xavier College
3rd Caulfield Grammar

Fifth Eights

Time: 2:45.8
Margin: 0.5 canvas

Intermediate Final
Time: 2:45.2
Margins: 0.5 and 0.5 lengths

Losers Final
Time: 2:41.8
Margins: Canvas and 1 length

1st Mebourne Grammar
2nd Geelong College
3rd St Kevin's College

Intermediate Final
1st Carey Grammar
2nd Xavier College
3rd Scotch College

Losers Final
1st Wesley College
2nd Brighton Grammar
3rd Caulfield Grammar
4th Geelong Grammar

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