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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

The Woodchoppers' Inn Trophy for Women's Lightweight Quad Sculls, Australian University Championships

Woodchoppers' Inn Trophy

Woodchoppers' Inn Trophy

This event commenced in 1978 as a lightweight four event but was changed in 2004 to a quad scull event as has occurred at the national and international levels.

2007 Winners from Sydney University

Australian Universities' Women's Lightweight Quad Sculling Championship
Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
1978 Melbourne Sydney ANU Western Australia Monash  
1979 LaTrobe Melbourne Other placings unknown      
1980 Melbourne Other placings unknown        
1981 Melbourne Sydney Monash      
1982 Melbourne Monash Sydney NSW    
1983 Melbourne Monash Sydney      
1984 Melbourne Deakin Monash      
1985 Melbourne Queensland Adelaide      
1986 Melbourne New South Wales Sydney Monash    
1987 Melbourne New South Wales Sydney      
1988 University of NSW Melbourne LaTrobe      
1989 Melbourne LaTrobe Sydney      
1990 Melbourne New South Wales Queensland Monash Sydney ANU
1991 Queensland Melbourne New South Wales      
1992 New South Wales Sydney Queensland      
1993 Sydney Adelaide Sydney      
1994 Melbourne Sydney Western Australia      
1995 Sydney          
1996 Melbourne          
1997 Sydney Monash ADFA New South Wales    
1998 Melbourne          
2000 Melbourne Sydney Adelaide ANU Cook  
2001 Sydney Melbourne NSW Adelaide ANU Macquarie
2002 Melbourne Monash Sydney ANU    
2003 Melbourne Monash Western Australia Western Sydney Newcastle  
2004 Melbourne Adelaide Sydney NSW Western Australia Tasmania-Launceston
2005 Queensland Sydney Melbourne NSW Macquarie Monash
2006 Melbourne Sydney Uni NSW LaTrobe Monash Newcastle
2007 Sydney Melbourne ANU Defence Force Academy Newcastle  
2008 Melbourne Sydney Queensland Adelaide UNSW (not judged)  
2009 Melbourne Sydney Queensland Newcastle Monash  
2010 Sydney Adelaide Western Australia Newcastle Monash  
2011 Sydney New South Wales Adelaide Newcastle Monash Melbourne
2012 Melbourne Sydney ANU Monash Flinders Adelaide
2013 Melbourne Sydney South Australia Macquarie ANU Monash
2014 Sydney New South Wales ANU Monash    
2015 Melbourne Sydney New South Wales ANU Adelaide  






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