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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1984 Australian University Championships— Lake Barrington TAS

These Championships were conducted on the Lake Barrington course for the first time and were a great success. The weather and facilities were appreciated even though it was well into winter being on 19th May 1984.

Melbourne once again won the Centenary Cup for the most successful university at the regatta.

Another attraction for this regatta was the attendance of two Japanese Universities Waseda University and Keio University. They raced a challenge race which was narrowly won by Waseda.


Men's Scull

Time: 7:23.4
Margin: 17.5 secs

1st University of Queensland - Richard Powell
2nd Melbourne University - Richard McMahon
3rd Wollongong University - Gerd Grigull

Other scullers:
Sydney University - Stephen O'Halloran, Cch: Brian Casey
University of New South Wales - Tim Weston

Men's Pair

Time: 7:34.1
Margins: 19.55 & 0.54 secs

1st Sydney University - Bow: John Skellerton, Str: Mark Allerdice, Cch: Ian Plater
2nd Melbourne University
3rd Flinders University
4th University of New South Wales
- Bow: Steve Norman, Str: David Sachs
5th Adelaide University
6th University of Tasmania

Men's Eight

Time: 6:11.56
Margins: 1.96 & 0.59 secs

1st Melbourne University - 3: Richard Hall, 4: Tom Griffith, 7: Nial McConchie, Str: Jim Kiellerup, Cchs: Peter Wiseman & Eric Nelson
2nd Sydney University
- Bow: Stephen Harrison, 2: Hugh Nivison, 3: George Reid, 4: Campbell Mason, 5: Guy Morgan, 6: Rob Britt, 7: Chris Wright, Str: Henry Vaughan, Cox: Lachlan Maclean, Cch: Ian G Plater
3rd University of New South Wales
- Bow: Steve Ambrose, 2: Stuart Boyd, 3: Mike Tait, 4: Tony Imison, 5: Richard McDonagh, 6: Andrew Ambrose, 7: Luke Linton-Simpkins, Str: Roger Brighton, Cox: Tony Sherbon
4th Adelaide University
- Bow: A Barker, 2: Timothy John Belcher, 3: Craig J Henderson, 4: H J Duncan, 5: Hugh M S McLean, 6: J D Belcher, 7: S T Myunday, Str: G C Quigley, Cox: Nicholas Sellars
5th University of Tasmania
6th Monash University
7th LaTrobe University

1984 M8

The finish of the men's eight

Photo from Australian Rowing Volume 7 No.2

Men's Japanese Challenge Eight

Time: 6:19.0
Margin: 1.38 secs

1st Waseda University - Bow: Atsushi Akiyama, 2: Masahiko Tsuchiya, 3: Junji Nakamura, 4: Keiji Matsushita, 5: Masakazu Tanahashi, 6: Akira Mochizuki, 7: Takahiko Miyasaka, Str: Hiroyuki Ueda, Cox: Hirokatsu Masui
2nd Keio University - Str: Norihiro Nakajima


Waseda University

Back row: Keiji Matsushita, Junji Nakamura, Hirokatsu Masui, Masahiko Tsuchiya, Atsushi Akiyama. In front: Hiroyuki Ueda, Takahiko Miyasaka, Akira Mochizuki, Masakazu Tanahashi
Photo from Australian Rowing Volume 7 No 2

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 7:06.9
Margin: 8.6 & 18 secs

1st Melbourne University - 3: Andrew McLean Str: Andrew McLean, Cox: Davis Fisher
2nd Monash University - Str: David Winter
3rd Sydney University - Bow: Richard Bradshaw, 2: Ben Wagner, 3: David Burn, Str: Tim Throsby, Cox: Jo Burnand, Cch: Brian Casey
4th Adelaide University
5th University of New South Wales
- Bow: David Gibbons, 2: Mike Coles, 3: Breton Watts, Str: Peter Bowman, Cox: Chris Alfred

Women's Scull

Time: 4:09.1
Margins: 23.4 & 4.9 secs

1st Melbourne University - Jacqui Marshall
2nd University of New South Wales - Rosemary McGurkin
3rd Monash University - Edwina Foster

Women's Pair

Time: Unknown
Margin: 3.4 secs

1st Monash University
2nd Melbourne University
3rd Adelaide University
4th Deakin University

Women's Four

Time: 3:54.7
Margin: 10.9 secs

1st Melbourne University - Cch: Gini Skinner
2nd Deakin University
3rd Sydney University
4th LaTrobe University
5th University of New South Wales
- Bow: Simone Sailer, 2: Debbie Fox, 3: Fiona Bowring, Str: Rosemary McGurkin, Cox: Fiona Walkeden
6th Monash University

Women's Eight

Time: 3:34.0
Margin: 20.9 secs

1st Melbourne University - Cch: Michael Nicholson
2nd Monash University
3rd Sydney University

Women's Lightweight Four

Time: Mot known
Margin: 24.1 secs

1st Melbourne University
2nd Deakin University
3rd Monash University

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