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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1938 Australian University Championships— Huon River, Franklin TAS

The Championship was conducted over 3 miles on 4th June 1938 in Tasmania before some 3,000 spectators. The weather conditions were ideal with a light following breeze making the conditions ideal for fast rowing.

Sydney won for the fourth time in succession. The men's eight was raced in a very fast time. Even the third placed Queensland crew broke the course record.


Men's Eight

Time: 15 mins 44 secs
Margins: 1 1/2, 9 and one length

1st Sydney University - Bow: Charles E Rowe, 2: E B J Smith 3: T D Hollywood, 4: J F C Close, 5: H G Denning, 6: Alan Bartle Malcolm Evans, 7: John J Sheahan, Str: L W Middleton, Cox: Alastair Douglas Mylne, Cch: Dr Harold D Raffan
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Kenneth David Baird, 2: Gordon Graham Calder McKenzie, 3: Grenfell Rudduck, 4: John Bryant Curtis, 5: James S Guest, 6: Lachlan H Wilson, 7: Carl Robert Ampt, Str: Colin D Smith, Cox: K Stewart Moroney, Cch: William H Pincott. 
3rd University of Queensland - Bow: Keith Richard Hinckley, 2: James Ian MacFarlane, 3: James Keith Livingstone Marks, 4: Ronald Stirling Parkinson, 5: John A Sagar, 6: Donald Fyfe Robertson, 7: Walter Selwyn Georgeson, Str: Samuel Hawgood, Cox: henry Malcolm Whyte, Cch: Dr F W Whitehouse
4th University of Tasmania - Bow: J E B Annells, 2: John Lord, 3: S H Harrison, 4: S Wells, 5: Arthur Bruce Douglas, 6: L J Farrell, 7: Arthur Bayly Watchorn, Str: John Stanley Burgess Davis, Cox: Lionel George Chambers, Cch: E Len Gibson

The battle between the Sydney and Melbourne crews was intense throughout the race with about half a length between them for most of it. A strong burst from Sydney late in the race sealed victory. The newspaper reports indicated that the Sydney crew used "a semi Fairbairn style of rowing" and the Melbourne crew "adhered to an orthordox style".

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