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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1971 Australian University Championships

Lake Kurwongbah QLD - Men
Sydney - Women

1971 Men's Regatta Program Cover

1971 Men's Regatta Program Cover

The men's Championships were conducted on the new course at Lake Kurwongbah in Queensland on 21st and 22nd May 1971 and women's Championships at Lane Cove River, Sydney on 22nd May 1971.

The Victorian Universities dominated the men's sweep events with Monash University winning it's first eights race and Melbourne the pair and eight. Sydney University's women again dominated the women's Championships. 


Host: University of Queensland (men)

Men's Scull

Time: Unknown
Margin: 8.3 secs

1st University of Tasmania - Edward Hale
2nd Sydney University - Islay Lee, Cch: George Cook
3rd University of New South Wales - Paul Rowe
4th University of Queensland - Robert Bleakley
5th Australian National University - A Griffiths

Men's Pair

Time: 8 mins 18 secs
Margin:16.6 secs

1st Melbourne University- Bow: John D Reid, Str: David J M Bainbridge, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson
2nd Adelaide University
- Bow Desmond Andrew Hayes, Str: Andrew David Crompton
3rd University of New South Wales

4th Australian National University
- Bow: R Pullen, Str: M B Newsom
Sydney University Removed
- Bow: Norman C Croker, Str: Ian Plater, Cch: Allan R Callaway

The Sydney University pair were removed from the race for steering infringements. Their coach advised that they should row without a rudder to cut down resistance but the heavy bow side to stroke side cross wind reacted strongly on the relatively high sitting stern of their pair and caused them to go out of their lane. This pair were leading at the 1500m.

Final B:
1st LaTrobe University
2nd Monash University
- Bow: M Flee, Str: John David Guest

MUBC Men's Pair in Training

E1: 1st SUBC, 2nd UNSW, 3rd LaTrobe
E2: 1st MUBC, 2nd AUBC, 3rd ANU, 4th Monash
R: 1st ANU, 2nd LaTrobe, 3rd Monash
Final B: 6th LaTrobe, 7th Monash
Final: 1st MUBC, 2nd AUBC, 3rd UNSW, 4th ANU, SUBC disqualified

Men's Eight

Time: 6 mins 35 secs
Margins: 0.1 second and 6.5 seconds

1st Monash University - Bow: Mike J Kerin, 2: Sam M Mollard, 3: Geoff W Green, 4: Steve B Jelbart, 5: Chris J Darling, 6: Les Ayres, 7: John G L McKeand, Str: Will J Baillieu, Cox: Don Hess, Cch: Roger L Moore
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Edward O'Loughlin, 2: Larry Cornell, 3: Chris Shinners, 4: Rowan Burrell, 5: Malcolm Ritchie, 6: John Sivewright, 7: Steve Newnham, Str: Austin Curtin, Cox: John Boultbee, Cch: Alan R Callaway
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Michael R Magarey, 2: P A Cronin, 3: J Geleskov, 4: Francis Percy Nolan, 5: Michael G Page, 6: Ian Stuart Munro, 7: Michael J Lohmeyer, Str: Timothy D H Marshall, Cox John Foster Strachan, Cch: John H Marshall, Emergs: Richard Frank Agnew Wills & Peter John Setchell
4th Melbourne University - Bow: Lachlan M Payne, 2: Anthony J Oakley, 3: Paul D McSweeney, 4: William G Magennis, 5: Will R Liley, 6: Peter S Watson, 7: John Patterson, Str: Ian G Farran, Cox: Andrew McH Ramsey, Cch: Harvey Nicholson, Emergs: John D Reid & David J M Bainbridge
5th Australian National University - Bow: M J Kent, 2: Alistair B Urquhart, 3: J Holmann, 4: Peter Jell, 5: J D Whyte, 6: Ben Smith, 7: David W Walters, Str: C Randall Lawrence, Cox: P M Allnutt, Cch: Nigel Murray-Harvey

winning Monash Crew

The winning Monash Crew prior to the Championships

In this picture: Cox: Don Hess, Str: John McKeand, 7: Will Baillieu, 6: Mike Kerin, 5: Les Ayres, 4: Dave Johnson, 3: Chris Darling, 2: Geoff Green, Bow: Stephen Jelbart. The crew changed with Sam Mollard rowing in place Dave Johnson and a mirror rig used.

A historical note - Will Baillieu received the first Blue ever awarded for rowing at Monash University for this win.

Final B:
1st University of New South Wales - Bow: Andrew L Horsley, 2: M K Duffy, 3: Peter C Wagner, 4: P David Finley, 5: Rick T Gillespie, 6: Robert D Paver, 7: James Tayor, Str: Brian Curtin, Cox: B Henry
2nd University of Queensland - Bow: W Pearson, 2: Gragam Ernest Geldard, 3: J Reed, 4: David Turner, 5: Gary Uebergang, 6: Tim Conrad, 7: David Walter Stanley Staples, Str: Rod Townsend, Cox: Samuel Hawgood, Cch: John Piper
3rd University of Western Australia - Bow: Alan A Wilkins, 2: Ross D Cargill, 3: Garry R Champion, 4: P W Payne, 5: Chris H Curry, 6: James K Scott, 7: George K Larkins, Str: Robert M Rowell, Cox: H J Clarke, Cch: Simon Whitehouse
4th Newcastle University - Bow: Mervyn WilliamCurran, 2: K Wallace, 3: Peter Mann, 4: P Long, 5: Michael Patrick Mutton, 6: Ted Lojszozsyk, 7: John Punshon, Str: S Silver, Cox: Peter Bond, Cch: Graham HaroldConway

E1: 1st Monash, 2nd AUBC, 3rd MUBC, 4th UWA, 5th Newcastle
E2: 1st SUBC, 2nd ANU, 3rd UQBC, 4th UNSW
R: 1st MUBC, 2nd UNSW, 3rd UQBC, 4th UWA, 5th Newcastle
Final B: 1st UNSW, 2nd UQBC, 3rd UWA, 4th Newcastle
Final: 1st Monash, 2nd SUBC, 3rd AUBC, 4th MUBC, 5th ANU

Sydney University

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 7 mins 45 secs
Margin: 1 length

1st Melbourne University - Bow: T W O'Loughlin, 2: Gregory R Johnson, 3: Brian C Clarke, Str: Andrew Michelmore, Cox: Patrick J Howman, Cch: William R Stokes, Emerg: William Paterson
Equal 2nd Australian National University - Bow: W Row, 2: R Watch, 3: J Levingston, Str: M Hassett, Cox: J O'Brien, Cch: Barry Ninham
Equal 2nd Adelaide University - Bow: William S Moody, 2: Richard Edward Bolt, 3: Robert Leland Cootes, Str: Henry Simpson Newland, Cox: A Dixon, Cch: Lindsay Southcott, Emerg: Ian Scott Owen
4th University of Queensland - Bow: Russell Bellis, 2: John Kluver, 3: Ian Duthie, Str: Ross Warren, Cox: S Finemore, Cch: Alan Bromiley
5th Monash University - Bow: Martin Owen, 2: Paul Maginn, 3: Phil Ainsworth, Str: William John, Cox: Sandy Hancock, Cch: David Bishop

Final B :
1st Sydney University - Bow: Paul Brennan, 2. Mal Willis, 3. Joe Mack, Str: Eric F Carter, Cox: Jim Watson, Cchs: Phil Titterton and George Bawtree
2nd Newcastle University - Bow: Neil Ritchie, 2: Leslie James Manley, 3: Peter Leonard Muller, Str: Edward Lewis, Cox: John McLeod, Cch: Graham Harold Conway

MUBC Men's Lightweight Four in Training

E1: 1st MUBC, 2nd AUBC, 3rd Monash, 4th Newcastle
E2: 1st ANU, 2nd UQBC, 3rd SUBC
R: 1st Monash, 2nd SUBC, 3rd Newcastle
Final B: 1st SUBC, 2nd Newcastle
Final: 1st MUBC, 2nd ANU, 2nd AUBC, 4th UQBC, 5th Monash

Women's Scull

Time: Unknown

1st Sydney University - Elizabeth Monti, Cch: Phillip Titterton
2nd University of Queensland

Liz Monti

Women's Coxed Pair

Time: Unknown
Margin: 3 feet

1st University of Western Australia - Bow: Geraldine Hartley, Str: Pip Thomson, Cox: Rachel Thomson, Cch: Joe Wyche
2nd University of Sydney - Bow: Fiona Street, Str: Shirley Stokes, Cox: unknown, Cch: Phillip Titterton

Other crews -
Australian National University - Bow: Jill Prangley, Str: Hilary May, Cox: Megan Pitt, Cch: Margaret Clark 
University of Newcastle - Bow: Janeen Macfarlane, Str: Robyne Lewis, Cox: Frances Teasedale, Cch: John Lamb

University of Western Australia Pair

Women's Coxed Four

Time: Unknown

1st Sydney University - Bow: Anne Ellison, 2: Alison Van Nooten, 3: Di Westbrook, Str: Marilyn Gregory, Cox: Susie Edwards, Cch: Phillip Titterton

Other crews -
University of Western Australia - Bow: Ermie Deabrook, 2: Trish Fairall, 3: Nicolle De Pierres, Str: Steph Greenway, Cox: Jenny Porter, Cch: Rob Rowell, Ass Cch: Nick Humphrey
University of Queensland - Bow: Helen Wild, 2: Rob McClennan, 3: Patricia Cybinski, Str: Jane Bradfield, Cox: Pam Tooth, Cch: Geoorge Corones
University of Newcastle - Bow: Janet Vane, 2: Jennifer Skinner, 3: Dianna Smith, Str: Andrea Vick, Coox: Margaret Roper, Cch: John Lamb
Melbourne University - Bow: Kathy McDonald, 2: Margaret Nette, 3: Sandra Kousal, Str: Denise Widner, Cox: Louise Beckwith, Cch: Pat Oddie

Sydney University Four


Sydney University Women's Rowing Club annual report

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