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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1923 Australian University Championships— Parramatta River Sydney NSW

The race was conducted on 1st June 1923 in Sydney. The race is described in Jack Pritchard's Rowing in Queensland as follows: Queensland led out from Adelaide and Melbourne with Sydney dropping back early. At the half way mark Queensland had a lead of three lengths on Adelaide, with half a length to Melbourne. Queensland won by four lengths to Adelaide, one and one quarter lengths to Melbourne and Sydney well behind.

The races were conducted on 1st June.


Men's Eight

Time: 17mins 43 secs
Margins: 4 lengths and 1 1/4 lengths

1st University of Queensland - Bow: Robert Leslie Mills, 2: James Hardie Buzacott, 3: Leonard Colin Fisher, 4: George Woods Harding, 5: James Reginald Ledlingham Cooper, 6: James Wilson Dowrie, 7: James Walker Grice, Str: Eric B Freeman, Cox: Frederick George Holdaway, Cch: Arther H Watson

2nd Adelaide University - Bow: Frederick Aubrey James Thompson, 2: Terrence Brady Paltridge, 3: Gemmel Tassie, 4: Myles Landseer Formby, 5: Kenneth H Boykett, 6: Philip Andreas Reid, 7: James S Lord, Str: Leslie Carrington Maiden, Cox: Ian Ayiffe Hamilton, Cch: Cecil Thomas Madigan

3rd Melbourne University - Bow: R G Orr, 2: Walter N Ricketts, 3: John Francis Williams, 4: Horace Stuart Thomas, 5: W James Pannell, 6: James M Buchanan, 7: Henry Coverley Maling, Str: Kenneth Howard Hadley, Cox: James James, Cchs: Dr Clive Disher & Charles Donald

4th Sydney University - Bow: Stewart W Jamieson, 2: Andrew Thyne Reid, 3: Eric R Caldwell, 4: William S Shannon, 5: Henry T E Holt, 6: Albert E R Hoskins, 7: Norman C Vogan, Str: Frederick C Golding, Cox: John S Laidley, Allan Ramsay

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