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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1970 Australian University Championships

Lake Burley Griffin Canberra ACT - Men
Lake Kurwongbah, Petrie QLD - Women

1970 Poster

1970 Poster

The men's Championships were conducted on 21st to 23rd May 1970 with heats on 21st, repechages on 22nd and finals on 23rd. All men's races were conducted over 2000 metres from the Basin towards Parliament House under the bridge and women's over 1000 metres. No women's sculling event was conducted.

Melbourne University won both the men's eight and men's lightweight four which enabled them to boast of 5 wins in each event over the past seven Championships.

The Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck presented the trophies to the winners.



Host of Men's Regatta: Australian National University Boat Club
Host of Women's Regatta: University of Queensland

Men's Scull

Time: 8:11.4
Margin: 2 lengths

1st Sydney University - Richard M Reddel
2nd University of New South Wales - Peter H Hoban
3rd University of Queensland - Robert Bleakley

Men's Pair

Time: 7 mins 57.5 secs
Margin: 21.3 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: John S Paton, Str: David J M Bainbridge, Cch: Harvey Nicholson
2nd Sydney University
- Bow: Ian Plater, Str: R Butler
3rd Adelaide University
4th University of New South Wales

Men's Eight

Time: 6mins 38.9 secs
Margin: 1 3/4 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Field W Rickards, 2: Anthony J Oakley, 3: John Paterson, 4: Robert S Zahara, 5: Will G Magennis, 6: Peter S Wilson, 7: Lachlan Payne, Str: Ian G Farran, Cox: Peter W M Hyslop, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Michael Joseph, 2. Larry Cornell, 3. Dave Matheson, 4. Danny Stiel, 5. Chris Noel, 6. Hugh Watson, 7. Phil Holmes, Str: Rob Hampshire, Cox: John Boultbee, Cch: Alan Callaway
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: G Brown, 2: Richard Frank Agnew Wills, 3: C Worthley, 4: Desmond Lee Speakman, 5: Andrew David Crompton, 6: M Pearson, 7: Michael R Magarey, Str: Michael Nugent Jeffries, Cox: Anthony Francis Johnson
4th University of Tasmania - Str: Glen Allen Hay
5th University of New South Wales - Str: Peter Wagner
6th Australian National University - Str: A Griffiths

Final B:
1st Monash University - Boe: Roger Price, 2: Mike Liley, 3: Winton Veall, 4: David Johnson, 5: Ross McKenzie, 6: John McKeand, 7: Chris Darling, Str: Michael J Kerin, Cox: Stephen Shield, Cch: Roger Moore
2nd University of Queensland - Str: Jonathan G Ricketts
3rd University of Western Australia - Str: Peter N LeSoeuf
LaTrobe University - Str: J A Kettlewell
5th Newcastle University

E1: 1st AUBC, 2nd Tas, 3rd NSW, 4th Monash, 5th UWA, 6th Newcastle
E2: 1st MUBC, 2nd SUBC, 3rd ANU, 4th: LaTrobe, 5th QUBC
R1: 1st ANU, 2nd Monash, 3rd UQBC, 4th LaTrobe
R2: 1st UNSW, 2nd UWA, 3rd Newcastle
Final B: 7th Monash, 8th Queensland, 3rd UWA, 4th LaTrobe, 5th Newcastle
Final: 1st MUBC, 2nd SUBC, 3rd AUBC, 4th Tasmania, 5th UNSW, 6th ANU


Melbourne University in Training on the Yarra River

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 7 mins 17.8 secs
Margin: 2 3/4 lengths & 1/2 length

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Andrew G McKinley, 2: Kim A Abbott, 3: Brian C Clarke, Str: T Campbell Johnston, Cox: Anthony C Richards, Cch: Mark A Schapper, Emerg: David E Yates
2nd Australian National University - Str: A R Hill
3rd Adelaide University - Str: Kelvin Sydney Brown
4th University of NSW - Str: Andrew Horsley
5th Sydney University - Bow: Roger Massey-Greene, 2: Andrew MacPherson, 3: Norman C Croker, Str: Russell Bennett, Cox: Ian Hardy, Cch: Bill Webb
6th University of Western Australia - Str: Michael E Connor

Other crews:
University of Tasmania - Str: Kieran John Brown
Monash University - Bow: Bill John, 2: Phil Ainsworth, 3: Ross Curtis, Str: Martin F Owen, Cox: David Friedin, Cch: Bob Easson
University of Queensland - Str: Graham C King

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd UWA, 3rd Sydney, 4th Tasmania, 5th Newcastle
E2: 1st MUBC, 2nd AUBC, 3rd ANU, 4th Monash, 5th Queensland
R: 1st ANU, 2nd SUBC, 3rd Monash, 4th Tasmania, 5th Newcastle, 6th QUBC
Final B: 7th Monash, 8th Tasmania, 9th Newcastle
Final: 1st Melbourne, 2nd ANU, 3rd AUBC, 4th NSW, 5th SUBC, 6th UWA

Women's Coxed Pair

Time: Unknown
Margin: Narrowly

1st University of Queensland
2nd Sydney University - Bow: T Clancy, Str: M Gregory, Cch: Phillip Titterton

Other crews:
Melbourne University - Str: D Widner
Newcastle University - Str: S Young

Women's Coxed Four

Time: Unknown
Margin: 2 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Peta Brewster, 2: Robyn Lyons, 3: Betty Gawthorne, Str: Pat Oddie, Cox: Vickie Richards, Cch: Richard Burn
2nd Sydney University - Str: V Mickovic, 2: D Westbrook, 3: T Clancy, Str: M Gregory, Cox: S Edwards, Cch: Phillip Titterton

Other crews:
Newcastle University - Str: S Young
University of Queensland

The annual report of the Sydney University Women's Rowing Club reported that due to illness of Anne Ellison, the pair doubled up in the four. Also, it reported that the four suffered a collision with Newcastle reducing their ability to compete for first place.

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