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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1956 Australian University Championships— Lower Yarra River, Melbourne VIC

The Championships were conducted over a 2 1/4 mile course on the Lower Yarra on 2nd June 1956 and was won by Melbourne University for the seventh successive time.

The event boasted a record field of seven crews for the first time with the NSW University of Technology, later known as University of New South Wales, racing for the first time. No sculling event appears to have been conducted.


Men's Eight

Time: 13mins 7 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Jon A Goodsall, 2: John R Colville, 3: E Michael H Hilditch, 4: Robert L Simpson, 5: J M (Kim) Jelbart. 6: Ian W McMillan, 7: John W Michie, Str: Ian E Douglas, Cox: John F H New, Cch: Lloyd S Williams
2nd University of Western Australia - Bow: Peter Stallwood, 2: Rod Hollingsworth, 3: Rory Argyle, 4: Ian Rutledge, 5: Barry Purser, 6: Jerry Collis-Bird, 7: Mick Carrigg, Str: Barry Ninham, Cox: Hugh Knox, Cchs: Gordon Barratt-Hill and Dick Gard, Emerg: Dick Thompson
3rd University of Queensland - Str: N Thomas
4th Sydney University - Bow: J.M. Burgess, 2: D.J. Goode, 3: C.R. Laverty, 4: A.S. Bishop, 5: B.J. Lloyd, 6: E.J. Rowland, 7: B.D. Shepherd, Str: H.M. Canvin, Cox: S.J. Wilcox, Cch: P.J. North
5th NSW University of Technology
6th University of Tasmania - Str: M M Bryden
7th Adelaide University - Bow: Christopher John Cooper, 2: Geoffrey Graeme Northcote, 3: Graeme Sorby Adams, 4: Geoffrey Noel Butterworth, 5: Jonathan Yeatman Hancock, 6: Timothy George Calvert Murrell, 7: J C Hanrahan, Str: Robert Charles Gill, Cox: Edward Robert Pocock, Cch: John Salisbury Jose

1956 Adelaide Eight

1956 Adelaide University Eight

Crew in picture differs from crew and is: Bow: Hanrahan, 2: R H Burrell (emerg), 3: Adams, 4: Northcote, 5: Hancock, 6: Murrell, 7: Cooper, Str: Gill

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