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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1959 Australian University Championships— Nepean River, Penrith NSW

1959 Programme Cover

1959 Programme Cover

The Championships were conducted on the Nepean River on 30th May on the 3 mile course with a close finish. It was a first and final.

The centenary year of Melbourne University Boat Club did not produce a victory. Queensland University won for the second time in succession and for the fourth time ever to this point.

There were three entries in the sculls although the margin was large. The course length for the sculls was one and half miles.


Winning Queensland University Eight


Second placed Sydney University


Third placed University of New South Wales


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee - Sydney University Boat Club - President Dr A W Rourke, Captain E J Rowland, Vice Captain M A Minns, Convenor of Boat Race Gregory J McNamee, Secretary Richard G Palmisano, Treasurer J M Burgess, Announcers Richard A Pedlingham & Laurie G Stepto

Jury: Starter Ossie Rosevear, Umpires Dennis Rourke & Frank Nichols, Judges Edward O G Pain, E C F Cowdery & Dr James G McLeod, Timekeepers Allan W Brown & Dr A W Rourke

Men's Scull

Time: 9 mins 39.5 secs
Margin: 16 lengths

1st NSW University of Technology - William Hatfield
2nd University of Queensland - J Hazard
3rd Sydney University - Michael A C Kloster

Men's Eight

Time: 16 mins 5 1/2 secs
Margin: 1/4 length, 4 lengths and 8 lengths

1st University of Queensland - Bow: John Drewe, 2: Brian Palmer, 3: Peter Jorss, 4: John Ireland, 5: Ian Mayers, 6: Peter Apel, 7: Barton Clarke, Str: Leith G Andrews, Cox: David Purdy, Cch: Eric P Evers
2nd Sydney University - Bow: John Matheson, 2: Denis Pidcock, 3: J Douglas Grice, 4: Benjamin J Barry, 5: Graham P Hurst, 6: John B Hudson, 7: Richard G Palmisano, Str: Edward J Rowland, Cox: A Ernest Tucker, Emerg: Michael A C Kloster, Cch: H Mervyn Perry
3rd University of New South Wales - Bow: Brian A Thorpe, 2: George W Dixon, 3: Alan W Anderson, 4: Chris D Radford, 5: John A Moore, 6: Raymond Lawson, 7: Donald S Brewer, Str: Donald B Curchod, Cox: Eric W Wilson, Cch: Richard "Dick" W White
4th Melbourne University - Bow: William Durham R Leslie, 2: David R "Dally" Messenger, 3: Gary J Titheridge, 4: Phillip A V Roff, 5: Robert John O'Neill, 6: David M Caithness, 7: Paul M Guest, Str: J M "Kim" Jelbart, Cox: John P Richards, Emergs: G N Raymond & Peter C van de Velde, Cch: Ron J Jelbart
5th University of Western Australia - Bow: Brett Mayberry, 2: Alan G Bird, 3: Gavin L Bunning, 4: John C Hanrahan, 5: B Worrall, 6: R L Dawkins, 7: Chris Fisher, Str: H D Evans, Cox: Matthew D Poole, Emerg: Michael Palandri, Cch: Dr Gordon Barratt-Hill
6th Adelaide University - Bow: Michael Rex Martin, 2: A Basten, 3: Grantley Barrington Baldwin, 4: F C R Levinge, 5: Geoff D Burfield, 6: James Bennett Robinson, 7: Thomas D McCormick, Str: Don Sarah, Cox: Roger Maxwell Wilson, Emergs: Malcolm Kingsley Hill & Lindsay Southcott, Cch: Harold G "Brick" Pennington


Fourth placed Melbourne University


Fifth placed University of Western Australia


Sixth placed Adelaide University

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