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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1949 Australian University Championships— Brisbane River, Brisbane QLD

The Championships were to be conducted on the Hamilton Reach on the Brisbane River over 3 miles but the conditions were too rough. A course slightly under 2 miles was raced on the Newstead Reach with a stiff westerly wind. The conditions were still so rough that the Tasmanian University crew damaged their boat on the way to the start and were swamped during the race.


Men's Eight

Time: 11 mins 0.8 secs
Margins: 2 1/2 lengths and 1 length

1st Sydney University - Bow: I Curlewis, 2: M Fitzpatrick, 3: A McAuley, 4: G Thompson, 5: G Drewe, 6: D Stanley, 7 D Hopkins, Str: D Rourke, Cox: R Marshman, Cch: Colin Davies
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: David Darnton Watson, 2: Kenneth Bruce Nelson, 3: A G (Paddy) Barrett, 4: Owen Mckay Coltman, 5: David S MacGlashan, 6: L C Webster, 7: Peter H Bailey, Str: Ian C Everist, Cox: Robert Kinsley Sim, Cox: Charles G Saleh
3rd University of Queensland - Bow: William Rodgers, 2: Louis John Lambert. 3: Colin Spencer Brett, 4: Murdoch Charles McTaggart, 5: John Thomas Underwood, 6: Donald McLeod Clouston, 7: G Bennett, Str: Philip Albert Taylor, Cox: Robert Charles Archibald, Cch: Dr F W Whitehouse
DNF - University of Tasmania- Bow: Rayden Lindsay James, 2: James Erskine Collier, 3: Gordon Jacques, 4: Robert Rufus Boniwell, 5: Geoffrey Raymond Bryant, 6: Gordon Graham Hean, Str: Dane Kenneth Sutton, Cox: John Charles Arthur, Emergs: Robert Mather and John Clive Virtue, Cch: Don Hughes (Seating is uncertain and only seven crew members are known.)

Unfortunately the Tasmanian crew sank.

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