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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1939 Australian University Championships— Nepean River Penrith NSW

These Championships were conducted on the Nepean River at Penrith on 3rd June 1939 over 3 miles. All crews except Tasmania were represented and the Sydney hold on the Championship was broken by Melbourne.

All the University crews at Penrith


Men's Eight

Time: 16 mins 38 secs
Margins: 1 1/2 and 7 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Kingsley S Rowan, 2: John A Blanch, 3: John A Forbes, 4: Lachlan H Wilson, 5: James S Guest, 6: Robert B Lewis, 7: C Robert Ampt, Str: Colin D Smith, Cox: H Stewart Moroney, Cch: Alexander (Lex) L Rentoul, Emerg: Geoffrey Harkness Gossip
2nd Sydney University - Bow: A R Burkitt, 2: W M Dill-Macky, 3: Des W Hollywood, 4: S A C Watson, 5: Richard C Opie, 6: William W Woodward, 7: B L Geddes, Str: W A Pringle, Cox: B G Clarke, Cchs: Dr A W Rourke & Brian M Carson
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Philip James Claridge, 2: Jack Arthur Holton, 3: Alexander Frederick Gray, 4: Robin Archibald Burston, 5: Murray James Barrett, 6: Frank Fletcher Espie, 7: J K Marshman, Str: Lance S Bonnin, Cox: Allan James King, Cch: Henry Ridgway Simpson Newland
4th University of Western Australia - Bow: John E L Barber, 2: R T Gill, 3: I Robertson, 4: Laurie J Tuit, 5: Ian G Medcalf, 6: Edmund E Jarvis, 7: David Barratt-Hill, Str: Gordon Barrett-Hill, Cox: Colin Clarke, Emergs: Ian Robertson and Thomas A Davy, Cch: William A Goland
5th Queensland University - Bow: Thomas Frank Dimmock, 2: James Keith Livingstone Marks, 3: Alexander David Clouston, 4: Brian William Finucan, 5: Anthony John Tonakie, 6: John A Sagar, 7: Walter Selwyn Georgeson, Str: Derek Cecil O'Bierne, Cox: Henry Malcolm Whyte, Cch: Laurence James Sheehan

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