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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1894 Australian University Championships— Parramatta River Sydney NSW

The race was rowed over 3 miles on the Championship course on the Parramatta and resulted in a very strong win to Sydney by 10 lengths. Adelaide did not participate. The race was conducted 28th April.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 0 secs
Margin: 10 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: Montague C Chubb, 2: Charles T Russell, 3: Frederick R de B Lopez, 4: Harold B Rowlands, 5: Basil Sawyer, 6: Norman F White, 7: George A Vivers, Str: Charles H Helsham, Cox: Arthur R Weigall, Cch: Vesian B McDermott

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Charles Scott Rudall, 2: Joseph Champion, 3: Clive H Gaunt, 4: William Boyd, 5: Edmund A Thornley, 6: Richard Percy Bell, 7: Harold A C Irving, Str: Donald Clive Morrison, Cox: George Percy Ross, Cch: George Upward

D C Morrison

D C Morrison - Stroke Melbourne University

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