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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1983 Australian University Championships— Middle Harbour Sydney NSW

These Championships were conducted on the Killarney course on Middle Harbour Sydney on 19-21st May 1983.

Melbourne University again won the Centenary Cup for the most successful university at the regatta with 100 points, followed by Sydney with 57 points and both Adelaide and Queensland on 28 points.

Melbourne University did not get it all it's own way with Sydney University winning the men's eight convincingly and Queensland taking the men's lightweight fours from Melbourne for the first time in five years.


Men's Scull

Time: 7:45.0
Margin: 33.4 secs

1st Adelaide University - Hugh McLean
2nd Sydney University - Christopher White
3rd Monash University

Men's Pair

Time: 7:25.7
Margin: 11.7 secs

1st Adelaide University - Bow: J Martin, Str: John D Belcher
2nd Sydney University
- Bow: Kevin Harmey, Str: Bill Moses
3rd Melbourne University

Men's Eight

Time: 5:58.4
Margins: 7.8 & 5.5 secs

1st Sydney University - Bow: Steve Harrison, 2: Michael Greenhalgh, 3: Martyn Selman, 4: Mark Ryan, 5: Craig Bowra, 6: Rob Britt, 7: Mark Campbell, Str: Paul Dahl, Cox: Lachlan McLean, Cch: Eric Longley
2nd University of New South Wales - Cch: Phil Cayzer
3rd Melbourne University

Result unknown or even if raced - Adelaide University - Bow: Anthony D Lewis, 2: M I Faulkner, 3: R T M Cooke, 4: Anthony G Stanley, 5: Richard M Kinnear, 6: S J M Thomas, 7: Tmothy Belcher, Str: John Belcher, Cox: Robert Stobie


Sydney University

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:49.6
Margins: 8.6& 24 secs

1st University of Queensland
2nd Melbourne University
3rd University of New South Wales

Women's Scull

Time: 3:49.8
Margin: 4.3 secs

1st Melbourne University - Jacqui Marshall
2nd University of Tasmania - Urzula Kay

Women's Pair

Time: 3:46.2
Margin: 14.7 secs

1st Australian National University - Julie Ellett & Denise Rennex, Cch: David Bagnall
2nd Sydney University
3rd Melbourne University

Women's Four

Time: 3:36.5
Margins: 2.2 & 2.0 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Jessica Klindener, 2: Libby Paton, 3: Yasmine Mayer, Str: Sally Heath, Cox: Kate Stern
2nd Australian National University
3rd University of Queensland

Women's Eight

Time: 3:18.8
Margin: 10.7 secs

1st Melbourne University
2nd Monash University
3rd Sydney University

Women's Lightweight Four

Time: No time taken

1st Melbourne University
2nd Monash University
3rd Sydney University

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