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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1889 Australian University Championships— Port River Adelaide SA

The University in Adelaide crew did very well on their second outing with a good win on their home course on 21st December. The course was against the wind and tide and over 2 1/2 miles in consequently very tough and hard conditions. It was to be their only win until 1896. The City of Adelaide maintained a very high status in those days, perhaps higher than in these days.

Sydney University did not participate at this regatta. They were unable to get a crew together so Adelaide invited Melbourne to row on the Port River.

It was reported that the Adelaide crew consisted of graduates whereas the Melbourne crew were undergraduates. The race was good only for the first 300 yards until the heavier and stronger Adelaide crew broke free of the Melbourne opposition.

Port River

The Port River course in 1924


Men's Eight

Time: 18 mins 6 1/2 secs

1st Adelaide University - Bow: William Phillips Wooldridge, 2: John Edward Hyde Winnall, 3: Andrew Harriott Henning, 4: Reginald Vautin Oldham, 5: C B Cox, 6: Arthur Percival Cox, 7: William "Bill" Reynolds Bayly, Str: Robert Cruickshank, Cox: Frederick John Chapple, Cchs: E G Blackmore & Halcomb

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Russell R Lewis, 2: Arthur Vincent Wettenhall, 3: Thomas Archibald a'Beckett, 4: William Fleming Hopkins, 5: William Henry Rigby, 6: John Gilbert McKay, 7: Edward Champion, Str: Charles Henry Chomley, Cox: Robert John Gribble

1889 Adelaide Eight

1889 Adelaide University Eight

Photograph courtesy of of the State Library of South Australia (SLSA: B 42496)


C H Chomley - Stroke Melbourne University

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