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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1922 Australian University Championships— Port River Adelaide SA

The race was conducted on 3rd June 1922 at Port Adelaide over 3 miles. In Jack Pritchard's Rowing in Queensland, the Queenslanders were described as winning by good, hard rowing, and what they lacked in their body swing they made up with their catch and leg drive.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 22.4 secs
3 lengths
6 lengths &
12 lengths

1st University of Queensland - Bow: Robert Leslie Mills, 2: James John Daly, 3: Forbes Sinclair Marshall, 4: Victor Edgar Greet, 5: James Walker Grice, 6: James Wilson Dowrie, 7: Kenneth Baird, Str: Eric B Freeman, Cox: Frederick George Holdaway, Cch: Arthur H Watson

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: John Francis Williams, 2: Walter N Ricketts, 3: Thomas Baden-Powell McKay, 4: Joseph Isaac Lanfranchi, 5: Geoffrey James Pardey, 6: Douglas Annear White, 7: Henry Coverley Maling, Str: James M Buchanan, Cox: James James, Cch: Dr H Clive Disher

3rd Sydney University - Bow: P A Johnson, 2: Hunter Kerwin Macpherson, 3: C R Laverty, 4: Hugh Carlyle Taylor, 5: H F Wilson, 6: Andrew Thyne Reid, 7: Eric R Caldwell, Str: L O Rutherford, Cox: J F Mant, Cch: T E D Marks

4th Adelaide University - Bow: Wilfred John Ferguson, 2: Arthur Liddon Webb, 3: Alfred Sydney de Bohun Cocks, 4: Reginald Roderic St Clair Chamberlain, 5: B S Muecke, 6: Philip Andreas Read, 7: Rupert Leslie Naylor, Str: Leslie Carrington Maiden, Cox: Ian Ayliffe Hamilton, Cch: A Nicholls


Adelaide University

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