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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1891 Australian University Championships— Parramatta River Sydney NSW

This race was conducted over 3 miles on the Parramatta River in Sydney on 4th April. It was to be the first win for Sydney and by a good margin of 4 lengths. Sydney were reported to have rated 44 at the start and finished rating 37.

The Adelaide stroke "had the misfortune to get off his slide and thus all chance of victory for them was thrown away": SMH 6 Apr 1891.

At the dinner after the event, it was announced that Old Blues from Oxford & Cambridge would present a perpetual trophy for this event. It was therefore to be the first contest for the Warre Challenge Cup. The cup was to be so named after Dr Warre, Head Master of Eton College and will be sent out by Mr Halcomb.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 21 secs
Margin: 4 lengths, 5 length and then several lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: Charles H Helsham, 2: Reginald J Millard, 3: William A Conlan, 4: Edward H Scott, 5: Basil Sawyer, 6: Richard W Thomas, 7: Harold Cox, Str: Frederick R de B Lopez, Cox: Edward M Stephen, Cchs: Thomas Rolin and Joshua Bell, Emergs: William T Coyle & Frederick Lloyd

2nd Melbourne University - Bow: James Kennedy Jackson, 2: Charles Henry Chomley, 3: William Grant, 4: Thomas Archibald a'Beckett, 5: Charles Sydney Graham, 6: Arthur Robertson Morrison, 7: Harold A C Irving, Str: Thomas Crosthwaite, Cox: Robert John Gribble, Emerg: Frederick Woolrabe, Cchs: George Upward & Walter Bray

3rd Adelaide University - Bow: John E H Winnall, 2: William Phillips Wooldridge, 3: William Munro Anderson, 4: Andrew H Henning, 5: Clifton R Penny, 6: Rudolph H Henning, 7: Horace V Rounsevell, Str: William Reynolds Bayly, Cox: Egbert Percy Little, Cch: Frederick Halcomb

"The winning crew was coached by Messrs Rolin and Millard: the Melbourneites by Mr George Upward, the prince of coaches, and Mr Walter Bray: while Mr F Halcomb, Clerk of the House of Assembly, President of the Adelaide University Club, and an old University oarsman, carefully looked after the crew which went over to do the honour to Adelaide. ...Mr. Halcomb has charge of the crew, and he is enthusiastic in the task of getting his men ready for the struggle. Sydney has been a long time in work under the care of Mr. Rolin, and for the last few weeks has been coached by Mr. A. C. Millard": South Australian Register 6 April 1891.

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