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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1947 Australian University Championships— Nepean River Penrith NSW

The Championships returned again to Penrith on 7th June 1947.


1947 race finish at Penrith

The 1947 finish at Penrith

Photo courtesy of the two man of the winning crew, Dr Struan Robertson

Men's Eight

Times: 16:51
Margins: 1 1/2 lengths and 3/4 length

1st Sydney University - Bow: F McKay, 2: Struan Robertson, 3: Allan Brown, 4: Eric O Longley, 5: Ross Selman, 6: K Judd, 7: Peter Holmes a Court, Str: Alistair G. Robson, Cox: James Barnes, Coach: Bill Thomas
2nd Melbourne University - Str: Colin D Smith
3rd University of Western Australia - Bow: Reginald Hare, 2: James K Horwood, 3: J K Anderson, 4: John E Foley, 5: Thomas D Pervan, 6: James L Paton, 7: Conway I Stacey, Str: Francis Slee, Cox: H Vivian, Cch: George Orgill
4th Adelaide University - Bow: Allan Ralph Curry, 2: John Smith Heitmann, 3: John Albert Hill, 4: Kevin Barry Magarey, 5: Joseph Chenoweth Whitehouse, 6: Charles Anthony Lempriere Abbott, 7: Robert Benjamin Cooter, Str: Ian King Furler, Cox: Rostrevor Brooke Moncrieff, Emerg: R Britten Jones, Cch: Lance Bonnin Str: I K Fuller
5th University of Queensland - Str: D McL Clouston

subc crew

The Sydney University Crew

Photo courtesy of the two man of the winning crew, Dr Struan Robertson

The Adelaide Advertiser reported on Monday 9th June 1947 as follows: Sydney University proved that it was the best-conditioned crew in the race when it won the Australian Universities' race for the Oxford and Cambridge Cup on the
Nepean River yesterday. Sydney beat Melbourne by a length and a half, with Western Australia three quarters of a length away third. The time for the race. 16 min. 5I sec, was 6.8 sec. faster than that registered by the winnlng Melbourne crew on the Nepean in 1940.

Adelaide was seven lengths away fourth. Queensland, another eight lengths away, last. Comlng to the two-mile mark, WA was beginning to tire under its high rating and Sydney and Melbourne had drawn level with it. Adelaide had dropped back with Queensland, back last. Over the last half-mile It was a struggle between Sydney and Melbourne.

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