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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1905 Australian University Championships— Port River Adelaide SA

Sydney won very well by 5 lengths over the local crew and Melbourne last. The race was over 3 miles at Port Adelaide on 10th June 1905.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 37 secs
Margin: 5 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: Kenneth Smith, 2: Keith M Whiting, 3: Cecil H Cropper, 4: George Howatson, 5: Max E Bedford, 6: Charles N Smith, 7: Keith B Gaden, Str: Archibald Morrison, Cox: Edward H Rutledge, Cchs: Edward Arthur Pearson & Roger B Fitzhardinge

2nd Adelaide University - Bow: Charles Lewis Jessop, 2: Henry Mortimer Muirhead, 3: Collier R Cudmore, 4: Walter Rupert Reynell, 5: Roy Laidlaw Davidson, 6: Beauchamp Lennox Gardiner, 7: John R Muirhead, Str: John Ritchie Fullarton, Cox: Nathaniel John Hargrave

3rd Melbourne University - Bow: John Arthur Hopkins Sherwin, 2: E T Guiness, 3: John Webster Dunhill, 4: Donald W McKellar, 5: Herbert Mayo, 6: Sydney James Campbell, 7: William Herbert Waters, Str: Henry Joseph Whiting, Cox: Kenneth Stuart Cross, Cch: Charles Henry Chamley


Melbourne University

Standing: H Chamley & H J Whiting
On seats: D W McKellar, H Mayo & S J Campbell
In front: A Cross, J W Dunhill, J A H Sherwin, E T Guiness, W H Waters

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