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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1912 Australian University Championships— Parramatta River Sydney NSW

The margin expanded from the previous year with Melbourne winning comfortably by 3 lengths.

The race was conducted on 1st June 1912.

Please note that the great Clive Disher raced for the first time in the Melbourne crew. Disher was the stroke of the first King's Cup race in 1919, having survived the Great War. Also it is worth noting that the coach of the Adelaide crew was Frank Espie who raced and won the Championship only two years earlier. He also went on to be a famous mining man who was a leader in Western Mining Corporation.



Starter: Mr John McGregor

Men's Eight

Time: 17 Min 0 Sec
3 lengths
7 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: S E Humphreys, 2: Frank P Halkyard, 3: H Clive Disher, 4: Clive S Steele, 5: J D Blair, 6: Jack Lindsay Doubleday, 7: Harold Rabling, Str: Frederick Harold Moran, Cox: John Henry Sandford Jackson, Cch: Charles Donald

2nd Sydney University - Bow: Harry F James, 2: Richard Grantley Fitzhardinge, 3: Burton G Wade, 4: Albert T Dunlop, 5: Richard P W Francis, 6: Leo B Heath, 7: Paul E Voss, Str: Anthony T Cunningham, Cox: John H Jones, Cch: Keith Williams

3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Harold Houghton Smith, 2: John Christian Mayo, 3: John Reedie Harder, 4: Harold John Penny, 5: Thomas Maxfield Hardy, 6: Louis Gordon Holmes, 7: Paul Charles Albert Fornachon, Str: Charles Lempriere Abbott, Cox: Allan Wilson Morey, Emerg: E M Luxmoore, Cch: Frank F Espie, Cch in Sydney per SMH: W Gibb

1912 MUBC

Melbourne University

Back row: S Humphries, C S Steele, Charles Donald, E P Halkyard, H C Disher
Front row: J L Doubleday, F H Moran, J H S Jackson, H Rabling, J D Blair

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