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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1932 Australian University Championships— Huon River Franklin TAS

No sculling race was conducted.


Men's Eight

Time: 17:19

5 lengths
4 lengths
3 lengths
2 lengths
2 lengths

1st University of Western Australia - Bow: G Keall, 2: John M Lavan (later Sir John), 3: Phillip Rennell Adams, 4: J D Murray, 5: Allan R Hill, 6: Carl Klem, 7: Francis S W LeSoeuf, Str: J R S "Beau" Burnett, Cox: Arthur J Williams, Cch: Gordon Westbrook in Franklin, Jack Costello in Perth
2nd Sydney University - Bow: W A Mobbs, 2: C H Hughes, 3: E D Scott, 4: P C Lahey, 5: D Varcoe Cocks, 6: A T Muston, 7: C M Wilkinson, Str: Harold D Raffan, Cox: J S Wilcox, Cch: G MacKenzie
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Jock E Gosse, 2: James Angus Maitland, 3: Henry Emerson Wescombe Lyons, 4: Selby C Douglas, 5: Josiah Mark Boninn, 6: Jack C Cuming, 7: Robert Burns Cuming, Str: John Reginald Goode, Cox: Peter M Cudmore, Cch: Stanley T Facy
4th University of Tasmania - Bow: P C Tapping, 2: A W Knight, 3: J E Klug, 4: D D Trood, 5: W F "Wally" Wells, 6: H M Nicholls, 7: R Cane, Str: E R Clive, Cox: Peter J Stops, Cchs: Fred Coverdale and J Edwards
5th University of Queensland - Bow: Jack Christian Richards, 2: Alan Morris Barber, 3: Alan Douglas Groom, 4: Alan Francis Bandidt, 5: August Shaw Gehrmann, 6: Harley Charles Stumm, 7: Lloyd David Lawton, Str: John Richard Alfred Walker, Cox: Gustavus John Percy, Cch: Arthur H Watson.
6th. Melbourne University - Bow: Campbell, 2: J R Adam, 3: C G McAuliffe, 4: H E McDonald, 5: J G Brown, 6: J R A Glen, 7: T R B Courtney, Str: L L O Bevan, Cox: J R P Daffy, Cch: Charles Donald. Bow A Parish was replaced at the last moment by emergency Campbell.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

Leading from start to finish the Western Australian crew won the Interstate University boat race rowed on the River Huon course at Franklin on Saturday.

Conditions for the race could not have been improved. Each State was represented and it was generally anticipated that Sydney would win on the form it had shown in practice. However it was unable to keep up with the fast striking crew from Western Australia and was five lengths behind. The leaders at any time never dropped below a striking rate of 36. The Western Australians has won the race four times from six starts. Melbourne's form was disappointing and was last.

The race attracted great interest and was watched by a crowd of several thousand. The race started from moored punts, and the crews were sent away to an even start striking 40 to the minute. Western Australia was the first to show out followed bv Sydney. After settling down Western Australia dropped to 36 and Sydney to 31. At the mile Western Australia led by two lengths from Sydney with Adelaide, Tasmania, Queensland and Melbourne rowing almost level the same distance behind Sydney.

The Western Austalians steadily increased their lead finishing strongly and won by five lengths from Sydney with Adelaide four lengths further behind third, Tasmania was fourth three lengths behind Adelaide and Queensland next another couple of lengths further back Melbourne finished last two lengths behind Queensland.

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