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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1937 Australian University Championships— Brisbane River Brisbane QLD

The Championships were conducted on the three mile Hamilton Reach course in Brisbane on 5th June 1937. Sydney University won for the third time in succession. A sculling race was conducted but only the local entry raced.


Men's Scull

Row over

1st University of Queensland - R Reid

Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 30.4 secs
2 3/4 length,
1 length,
3 lengths,
5 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: J N Sevier, 2: Douglas L Finlay, 3: J J Sheahan, 4: F C Close, 5: R O K T Moodie, 6: A W Gunson, 7: Charles Rowe, Str: S E Finlay, Cox: B G Clarke, Cchs: A N Finlay & G McKenzie
2nd University of Tasmania - Bow: G F Hood, 2: J Lord, 3: J B Alexander, 4: S Wells, 5: L T Farrell, 6: A B Douglas, 7: A S Watchorn, Str: J S Davis, Cox: L G Chambers, Cch: R Goyen
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: Rodney Wilton Henry, 2: Andrew Noel Fraser, 3: Kenneth David Baird, 4: G C McKenzie, 5: Lachlan H Wilson, 6: John Bryant Curtis, 7: C Robert Ampt, Str: Bruce Barclay Sloan, Cox: H Stewart Moroney, Cch: W H "Pinny" Pincott 
4th University of Queensland - Bow: Donald Fyfe Robertson, 2: N W Mowat, 3: Patrick Stanislaus Newman, 4: P P McRae, 5: Richard Spencer Hopkins, 6: William Aloysius Shay, 7: Ronald Henry Whale, Str: Derek Cecil O'Bierne, Cox: Bernhard Hector Trembath, Cch: M Bierne 
5th Adelaide University - Bow: Robert William Richardson, 2: Lansell S Boninn, 3: Ellis Howard Burgess, 4: R S C Rymill, 5: Frank Fletcher Espie, 6: James Rupert Magarey, 7: F B Harris, Str: John Anthony Smeaton, Cox: Milo Cudmore, Cch: Henry Ridgway Simpson Newland 

Sydney, Adelaide and Tasmania all got away well and Sydney then moved away in the first quarter of a mile to a half length lead. The lead was extended to three quarters of a length at the half mile post, cementing their position. Tasmania also increased their hold on second place with Melbourne still in last place. At the mile post, Sydney increased their lead to one and a half lengths and Adelaide remained strong in second place. The other placing becgan to move with both Queensland and Melbourne making their moves. With half a mile to go Sydney were 3 lengths in fron of Tasmania with Melbourne having oved into third place.

mubc crew

Melbourne University Crew at Brisbane

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