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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1933 Australian University Championships— Nepean River Penrith NSW

This Championship was conducted on 3rd June 1933 on the Nepean River at Penrith. All States were represented except Western Australia.


Men's Eight

16 mins 9.2 secs

2 lengths
3 1/2 lengths
10 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: C Wilkinson, 2: P C Leahy, 3: D H Craig, 4: F M Osbourne, 5: D Varcoe-Cocks, 6: Frank A Page, 7: J R McGill, Str: Harold D Raffan, Cox: J S Wilcox, Cch: G R MacKenzie
2nd Adelaide University - Bow: William Glanville Chapman, 2: Henry Ridgeway Simpson Newland, 3: Murray Frew Bonnin, 4: Josiah Mark Bonnin, 5: J G Magarey, 6: Jack C Cuming, 7: John Reginald Goode, Str: Selby C Douglas, Cox: Peter Cudmore, Cch: Stanley Facy
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: L L O Bevan, 2: H R Smith, 3: J G Brows, 4: T W Vorrath, 5: J A Glenn, 6: K F Cole, 7: H F McDonald, Str: E D Scott, Cox: R J P Daffy, Cch: R H Keon-Cohen
4th Tasmanian University - Bow: J McG Hood, 2: E R Clive, 3: P C Tapping, 4: W F Wells, 5: D D Trodd, 6: H M Nicolls, 7: B Douglas, Str: J Klug, Cox: P Stops Cch: J B Murray 
5th Queensland University- Bow: W M McMaster, 2: J R McGuire, 3: A A Groom, 4: A W Higgins, 5: A S Gehrmann, 6: L D Lawton, 7: J R A Walker, Str: R W McGhie, Cox: J Percy, Cch: Rev A Henderson

Sydney led from the start with Adelaide and Melbourne maintaining their respective places throughout the three mile race.

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