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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1893 Australian University Championships— Lower Yarra River Melbourne VIC

The race was rowed over 3 miles on the Lower Yarra on 8th April with a strong win to the Melbourne crew. The Oxford & Cambridge Cup was awarded this year for the first time. The history of this Cup can be found in the introduction to this chapter. Rules for the protection of the trophy were also introduced.


Men's Eight

Time: 16 mins 5 secs
Margin: 2 1/2 lengths and 3 1/2 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Cyrus Bath Retallack, 2: Thomas Crossthwaite, 3: Eneas Fraser Gilchrist, 4: William Bennett Neale, 5: Donald Clive Morrison, 6: Vernon Foster Stanley Lowe, 7: Harold A C Irving, Str: Arthur R Morrison, Cox: Charles Strong Galbraith, Cch: George Upward

2nd Sydney University - Bow: Frederick Moore, 2: William T Coyle, 3: Charles T Russell, 4: Harold G Bennetts, 5: Basil Sawyer, 6: Harold B Rowlands, 7: Harold Cox, Str: Charles H Helsham, Cox: Arthur R Weigall, Emerg: W L Walker, Cch: J McDermott

3rd Adelaide University - Bow: John Edward Hyde Winnall, 2: Gilbert Harvey Bray, 3: Henry Arthur Powell, 4: Dorham Longford Doolette, 5: Clifton Raymond Penny, 6: Arthur Percival Cox, 7: William Phillips Wooldridge, Str: William Reynolds Bayly, Cox: Egbert Percy Little, Cch: Frederick Halcomb

In the early stages of the race, it appeared that Melbourne would be left behind. A mile into the race Melbourne passed both crews but not before a clash with Adelaide. Sydney kept up the pressure on Melbourne until the end.

A R Morrison

A R Morrison - Stroke Melbourne University

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