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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1972 Australian University Championships— Manning River, Taree NSW - Men & Women

The men's Championships were conducted at Taree for the first time on 26th and 27th May 1972. Heats and repechages were conducted on 26th and finals on 27th May.

Newcastle hosted the championships. Some of the finals were raced into a very strong head wind, hence the times.

The women's Championships were conducted in Melbourne and Sydney University did not prevail as in past years. ANU took out the scull and pair and the fours contest declared a no-race for reasons unknown.


Men's Scull

Time: 9:53.1
Margin: Easily

1st University of Tasmania - Edward Hale
2nd University of NSW - Peter H Hoban
3rd Flinders University
4th Sydney University
- Bill Brooks

Men's Pair

Time: 9:57.5
Margin: Officially easily, but competitors recall it being 59 seconds, a record for this event.

1st Sydney University - Bow: Eric Carter, Str: Norman C Croker
2nd Melbourne University
- Bow: M J Corrigan, Str: G J Digby, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson
3rd University of New South Wales
4th University of Queensland
- Bow: John Dillon, Str: Nick Sandford
5th Adelaide University
- Bow: G McNeil, Str: M Radnor

Men's Eight

Time: 7 mins 33 secs
Margin: 1 1/4 lengths

1st Monash University - Bow: Michael J Kerin, 2: Geoff Green, 3: Stephen Jelbart, 4: Clive Beckingsale, 5: James Bourke, 6: Les Ayres, 7: John McKeand, Str: Will J Baillieu, Cox: Sandy Hancock, Cch: David Bishop
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Austin Curtin, 2: Dave Roberts, 3: Ian Plater, 4: John St Vincent Welch, 5: Danny Stiel, 6: Ted O'Loughlin, 7: Steve Newnham, Str: Chris Shinners, Cox: John Leeming, Cch: Maurie Grace
3rd University of Queensland - Bow: Geoff Boyd, 2: Peter Agar, 3: Rod Conrad, 4: Jim Harrington, 5: Bob Eisemann, 6: Tim Porter, 7: Tim Conrad, Str: Anthony McDonald, Cox: Roger Bligh, Cch: Peter Wade
4th Melbourne University - Bow: John D Reid, 2: David J M Bainbridge, 3: Lachlan M Payne, 4: I L Cochran, 5: Dallas R English, 6: J P Urie, 7: Graeme S Blanch, Str: Simon Swaney, Cox: D J Pitt, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson, Emergs: G J Digby & H J Corrigan
5th University of Western Australia - Str: Chris H Curry

Monash men's eight

Winning Monash University Men's Eight during training

Photo courtesy of Will Baillieu

Final B :
1st Australian National University - Str: K W Currie
2nd LaTrobe University
- Str: R Orchard
3rd Newcastle University
4th University of New South Wales
- Str: John G Trevivian
5th Adelaide University
- Bow: A C Thomas, 2: Richard Frank Agnew Wills, 3: Phillip S Keane, 4: Robert Leland Cootes, 5: Peter John Setchell, 6: Charles W Lott, 7: James C Paton, Str: Dennis D Hatcher, Cox: Peter D Cudmore, Cchs: Hurtle Morphett and Dean Clayton

E1: 1st Monash, 2nd SUBC, 3rd MUBC, 4th Newcastle, 5th ANU
E2: 1st UQBC, 2nd UWA, 3rd LaTrobe, 4th UNSW, 5th AUBC
R: 1st MUBC, 2nd UNSW, 3rd Latrobe, 4th ANU, 5th Newcastle
Final B: 1st ANU, 2nd LaTrobe, 3rd Newcastle, 4th UNSW, 5th AUBC

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 8:50.5
Margin: 6 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: David E Yates, 2: Ian D Harbeck, 3: Andrew G Michelmore, Str: Geoff L Rees, Cox: Peter N Cameron, Cch: T Campbell Johnston
2nd University of Queensland - Bow: Anthony Philbrick, 2: Gary Merritt, 3: Robert Bleakley, Str: Ian Duthie, Cox: R Joyce, Cch: G Angus, Emerg: R Bellis
3rd University of New South Wales - Str: David M Townsend
4th Sydney University - Str: S Bradbury
5th Monash University - Str: Chris Lowe

Final B:
6th Australian National University - Str: R C M Goldsmith
7th LaTrobe University

E1: 1st MUBC, 2nd QUBC, 3rd SUBC, 4th ANU
E2: 1st UNSW, 2nd Monash, 3rd LaTrobe
R: 1st SUBC, 2nd ANU, 3rd LaTrobe
Final B: 1st ANU, 2nd LaTrobe
Final: 1st MUBC, 2nd QUBC, 3rd UNSW, 4th SUBC, 5th Monash,

Women's Scull

Time: Unknown

1st Australian National University - Rosalind Southwood-Jones

Other scullers included:

Sydney University - Susan Sky

Women's Coxed Pair

Time: Unknown

1st Australian National University - Bow: Judith Lean, Str: Rosalind Southwood-Tores, Cox: Deborah Snow.

Other pairs included:

Sydney University - Bow: Therese Clancy, Str: Shirley Stokes

Women's Coxed Four

Time: Unknown

Declared no contest

Known entries were:
University of Western Australia - Str: Steph Greenway
University of Tasmania - Str: H Knight
Australian National University - Bow: Noelene Smith, 2: Gayle Adams, 3: Judith Lean, Str: Pia Parn, Cox: Deborah Snow
Sydney University - Bow: Di Westbrook, 2: Jan Small, 3: Robin Major, Str: Marilyn Gregory


Sydney University Women's Rowing Club annual report

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