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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1998 Australian University Championships— West Lakes Adelaide SA

These Championships were conducted on 1-3 October 1998 in Adelaide. 25 tertiary institutions competed with over 400 seats of rowers and 60 coxswains competing.

Unfortunately not all the results are available for this regatta. They will be added once ascertained.

Melbourne University won the Centenary Cup for the most successful university.

The official dinner took place at the Lakes Resort Hotel with 380 attendees. The post regatta party took place at AUBC in Adelaide.


Hosts: Adelaide University

Men's Scull

Time: Unknown
Only 1.8 secs between first three scullers

1st University of Western Australia - Tim Perkins
2nd University of Western Sydney - Stephen Stewart
3rd University of Tasmania - Randall Baker

Other finalists - placings unknown:
University of NSW - Rob Plater
University of Technology Sydney - Matthew O'Callaghan
University of Melbourne - Ben Robson

Final B - placings unknown:
1st Deakin University - Matt Wilson
2nd RMIT - Thomas Skidmore
Macquarie University
- Joshua Harvey
Australian National University - James Dunlop
University of Queensland - John Absolon
Ballarat University - Cameron McPherson

Men's Double Scull

Time: Unknown

1st University of Technology - Sydney

Men's Pair

Time: Unknown
Margin: 0.05 sec

1st Australian Catholic University - Bow: Robert Douglas, Str: William Tait
2nd University of Technology Sydney - Bow: Stuart Welch, Str: James Stewart

Men's Four

Time: Unknown

1st Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Men's Eight

Time: 5:49.95
Margin: 3.35 secs

1st University of Western Australia - Bow: D W Freeman, 2: S J Berridge, 3: F D Aynsley, 4: P J Webster, 5: J C Keogh, 6: D P Kelly, 7: T T Perkins, Str: L W Nicholls, Cox: N Wells, Cch: Adrian C Monger
2nd Melbourne University
3rd Monash University
4th University of Technology Sydney
5th Sydney University
- Bow: Jeremy Curtin, 2: Alex Wilcox, 3: Dom Bressan, 4: Tom Wilcox, 5: Michael Burke, 6: Ben Clarsen, 7: Adam Woodward, Str: Mike Wiseman, Cox: Lachlan Mosely, Cch: Simon Pennington
6th RMIT University

Other crews included:
Adelaide University - Bow: S Gillies, 2: William R Fargher, 3: Darryl Bosch, 4: P V Richards, 5: Stephen Worthley, 6: Martin Jevrid, 7: C Hamilton-Smith, Str: Jonathon R Todd, Cox: E Findlay, Cch: Steven J Perry

Men's Lightweight Scull

Time: Unknown

1st University of Tasmania

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: Unknown

1st University of Melbourne - Bow: Richard Nesseler, 2: Andrew Latreille, 3: Andrew Broadfood, Str: Andrew Sypkens, Cox: Lucy Matthews, Cch: Bruce Bills

Women's Scull

Time: unknown

1st University of Tasmania

Women's Double Scull

Time: Unknown

1st University of Melbourne

Women's Pair

Time: Unknown

1st University of Technology Sydney

Women's Four

Time: Unknown
Margin: B/w 2nd & 3rd 1.5 secs

1st Monash University
2nd University of Ballarat
3rd Melbourne University

Women's Eight

Time: Unknown
Margin: 2 lengths

1st Adelaide University - Bow: Natasha Vassos, 2: Natalie Johnston, 3: Emma K Southcott, 4: Hayley E Bignall, 5: Elizabeth Windle, 6: Belinda Rowe, 7: Jenny Vesnaver, Str: Christina A Bursill, Cox: S J Wise, Cchs: M Miller and Christine MacLaren
2nd Melbourne University


Macquarie University follows a tradition and show more than class in the petite final

Photo from Australian Rowing - A Hebfotos photo

Women's Lightweight Scull

Time: Unknown

1st Adelaide University - Amber Halliday
2nd Sydney University - Bronwyn Watson
3rd Melbourne University - Tanya Newman

Women's Lightweight Four

Time: unknown

1st Melbourne University

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