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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1928 Australian University Championships— Murray River Mannum SA

The race was conducted on 2nd June 1928 on the same 3 mile course that was to be the King's Cup course in 1930. All Universities were represented again and the Western Australians were successful for the second time in succession.

Unfortunately, the sculling championship was a row over.


Men's Scull

Time: Row over in 14 mins 58 secs

1st Sydney University - Kenneth A Flavelle

Men's Eight

Time: 16:43
2 lengths
1 canvas
8 lengths
5 lengths
1 length

1st University of Western Australia - Bow: Com P O'Brien, 2: Ken P Rae, 3: Victor R C Brown, 4: Hugh MacLean Wilson, 5: Frank R Somerville, 6: Rupert G Wright, 7: Howard Vincent Reilly, Str: Otto F Fry, Cox: John Campbell, Cch: James Chute, Emerg: J D Costello
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: A A Lee, 2: Alexander (Lex) L Rentoul, 3: Richard Geoffrey C de Crespigny, 4: R J D Turnbull, 5: R Officer, 6: H Lindsay Yuncken, 7: W Balcombe Griffiths, Str: Arthur Rex Mayhew Johnson, Cox: J S Harris, Cch: E C H Taylor
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Thomas Harvey Johnston, 2: Ronald Barrington Knight, 3: Gronwy Lewis Morris, 4: Cedric Alfred Neal Smith, 5: Sholto John Douglas, 6: R B Lees, 7: John Lionel Hayward, Str: William Matheson Morgan, Cox: D Scott Young, Cch: Stan T Facy
4th University of Tasmania - Bow: C M Archer, 2: A Smithies, 3: Harold Neil Smith, 4: S H Bastow, 5: Geoffery Forbes Sorrell, 6: M F Sorrell, 7: Stanley Darling, Str: R A Scott, Cox: C A S Page, Cch: H K Goyen
5th Sydney University
- Bow: F Russell, 2: Eden Love, 3: T Menier, 4: Edward Pilkington, 5: P Morey, 6: Robert Cecil Dence, 7: Bryan M Carson, Str: Robert B Brown, Cox: R Manwaring, Cch: William (Bill) J Middleton
6th University of Queensland - Bow: Edmond Rowlands Behne, 2: Norman Smith, 3: James Alfred Andrew Pollock, 4: James Patrick McGrath, 5: Alan Iain Forbes MacKillop, 6: Charles Newton Barton, 7: Archibald Perry Douglas, Str: Thomas Reginald Groom, Cox: Rhys Harold Jones, Cch: Arthur H Watson
(Late change in this crew due to the illness of the three man N S Corrigan. McKillop entered the crew in the five seat and Pollock moved from five seat to three seat: SMH Monday 4th Jun 1928.)

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