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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1952 Australian University Championships— Murray River, Murray Bridge SA

The Championships were conducted on 7th June 1952 at Murray Bridge over 3 miles.


Men's Scull

Time: Unknown

1st Sydney University - Bert Sundstrap
2nd Adelaide University - Peter Royce

Men's Eight

Time: 17:21
Margin: 2.5 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: James A Gobbo, 2: J Tim C Hewison, 3: Adrian C Monger, 4: Roderick H Carnegie, 5: John D Bailey, 6: M Frank A Robertson, 7: John P Hall, Str: P Neil Everist, Cox: John N Button, Cch: David R Salmon, Emergs: William Barrett Capp & Ronald Phillip Quirk
2nd Sydney University - Bow: B Douglas, 2: James McLeod, 3: Donald Webster, 4: Bruce Rutherford, 5: David Asimus, 6: Peter Musgrave, 7: Greg McNamee, Str: William Northam, Cox: Unknown, Coach: Eric O Longley (James McLeod was a Rhodes Scholar.)
3rd University of Western Australia - Str: Frank Slee
4th University of Queensland - Bow: Douglas Brett Jones, 2: Keith Alexander Taylor, 3: D G McDonald, 4: David S Kronfeld, 5: Don Gutteridge, 6: Allan Battaglene, 7: Francis James Barnet Happle, Str: Colin Spencer Brett, Cox: A Duncan Brown, Wmerg: Bob Hitchcock, Cch: Prof F W Whitehouse
5th Adelaide University - Bow: John Mathwin Heuzenroeder, 2: John Francis Maclure Lea, 3: Anthony Raymond Marc Lea, 4: Walter Douglas Fotheringham, 5: G Troup, 6: Hugh David Cooke, 7: Graeme Campbell Reynolds, Str: John Tassie, Cox: Robert Hodge, Cch: Jock H Gosse

Melbourne covered the three miles in 17 min 12 sec, which was a sound performance considering that a south-westerly breeze rolled up deep troughs over the course. The cold weather was also against fast times. Only five boat lengths separated the first four crews as they crossed the line. Adelaide was 200 yards farther back with a boat full of water. Sydney just managed to stave off by half a length a determined bid for second place by WA and Brisbane's bow trailed a bare length behind. The Adelaide crew suffered from a boat with less freeboard that the other crews and took much water in the rough conditions. The Melbourne crew over rated the other crews throughout the race.

mubc eight

MUBC Eight

mubc crew

MUBC Eight in training on the Yarra

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