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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1914 Australian University Championships— Port River Adelaide SA

This 3 mile race at Port Adelaide was conducted under the threat of war. It was to be the last until after the Great War. Melbourne won easily from Adelaide. The personnel in these crews were obviously involved in the war and their studies interupted by them. For example, the bow of the Sydney crew after the war finished his studies in 1924 and distinguished himself both at war and as a doctor. His record shows CBE, DSO, MC, ED, FRACP.

J L Doubleday of the Melbourne crew was the first person to win this event four times in succession.

The race was conducted 6th June 1914.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 46 2/5 sec
7 lengths (one report says 7-10)
2 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: William Ivon Hayes, 2: Carl S Wood, 3: Ewan I Littlejohn, 4: Allan Spowers, 5: John Robert Swan Cochrane, 6: R M Abernethy, 7: Jack Lindsay Doubleday, Str: H Clive Disher, Cox: John Henry Sandford Jackson, Emerg: H N McNeill, Cch: Charles Donald

2nd Adelaide University - Bow: Cyril William Goodman, 2: Allan Wilson Morey, 3: Hugh William Bell Cairns, 4: Donald Augustus Dowling, 5: C E Bagot, 6: Arthur Edwardes Kain, 7: Leonard Charles Edward Lindon, Str: Donald Yates, Cox: Eric Lindsey Symons, Emerg: Christopher Stephen Kneebone, Cch: Charles Kellett

3rd Sydney University - Bow: Walter P MacCallum, 2: Cedric M Samson, 3: Walter F Crawford, 4: Robert Rainy Harper, 5: Paul E Voss, 6: Bernard B Blomfield, 7: Burton G Wade, Str: Edward A Woodward, Cox: F H Hay, Emerg: W Hay, Cch: Roger B Fitzhardinge


Melbourne University

Back row: W I Hayes, A Spowers, Charles Donald, E I Littlejohn, C S Wood
Front row: R M Abernethy, H C Disher, J L Doubleday, J R S Cochrane
Inset: J H S Jackson

1914 Melbourne University crew

1914 Melbourne University crew

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