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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1940 Australian University Championships— Nepean River Penrith NSW

This year the race was scheduled to be held on the Murray River at Mannum SA but Adelaide University declined to act. Next turn fell to Melbourne University who thereupon selected the Nepean River for two reasons:

  1. it was a more central course for the remaining crews; and
  2. it was a better course than the Yarra River.

Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland Universities all entered for the race for 1st June. Melbourne arrived on 25th May and Sydney had been there already for a week. Queensland notified their withdrawal on 23rd May owing to a decision of the Queensland University Sports Union not to compete further during the war.

Most rowers elisted for the services immediately after the race.

Following this race, the Australian Universities Sports Union declared that no more races would be held for the duration of the war. Melbourne University again held the trophy for the duration of both WWI and WWII.


Men's Eight

Time: 16 mins 57 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Kingsley S Rowan, 2: D Ross M Cameron, 3: Peter Kirby, 4: John A Blanch, 5: James S Guest, 6: Robert (Rabbie) B Lewis, 7: John (Fanlight) A Forbes, Str: Colin D Smith, Cox: H Stewart Moroney, Cch: Alexander L (Lex) Rentoul
2nd Sydney University - Bow: John C. "Togo Lane, 2: Don M.Taylor, 3: E Brian J.Smith, 4: Lindsay P.R.King, 5: Ron B.Wiles, 6: Roland A.G. "Rag" Holmes, 7: J. Basil St Vincent Welch, Str: Richard C.Opie, Cox: R.Jamieson Coach: Alistair "Joe" Rourke

Queensland University - Str: D McL Clouston did not compete.

Melbourne University training at Penrith

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