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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1935 Australian University Championships— Lower Yarra River VIC

This Championship was conducted 8th June 1935 on the Lower Yarra River with all States present over the 2 1/2 mile course. The winning Sydney crew had to use the London boat as their boat was damaged a few days before the race in a storm. The London crew were visiting Melbourne as part of their centenary celebrations.


Men's Eight

Time: 15:17
Margins: Sydney won by 2/3 length from Melbourne, 4 to 5 lengths back to Tasmania with WA and Adelaide finishing close together. Queensland was a considerable distance further back.

1st Sydney University - Bow: Walter Thomas Garner Atkins, 2: Ian G Esplin, 3: John T Adamson, 4: Frank A Page, 5: Frank J Munro, 6: K S Blair, 7: William H Campbell, Str: Hugo K Dettman, Cox: N G Godfrey, Cch: R N McCulloch
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: D J M Dunn, 2: T W Vorrath, 3: Jack Ellis Newton, 4: D D Duffy, 5: G A Wood, 6: K F Cole, 7: Ron Jelbart, Str: C P Sherwood, Cox: C C Dyte, Emerg: P T A Foster, Cch: Alexander (Lex) L Rentoul, Selectors
3rd Tasmanian University - Bow: A B Watchorn, 2: F C Mitchell, 3: D J Barclay, 4: H M Lichells, 5: J McG Hood, 6: A W Briggs, 7: A Wherrett, Str: J S Davis, Cox: P T Stops, Cch: J J Edwards
4th University of Western Australia - Bow: A Shem, 2: Arthur R Noseda, 3: B Bailey, 4: R H Hannah, 5: Francis Le Soeuf, 6: Ronald T Anderson, 7: R Cox, Str: John A Wilkins, Cox: R Button Cch: William A Goland
5th Adelaide University - Bow: Robert William Richardson, 2: John Anthony Smeaton, 3: George Dixon Hubble, 4: William Glanville Chapman, 5: Murray Frew Bonnin, 6: James Rupert Magarey, 7: John Reginald Goode, Str: Thomas Ryall Goode, Cox: Gavin Walkley, Emerg: Allan James King, Cch: Robert Burns Cumming
6th Queensland University - Bow: William M McMaster, 2: Keith Noel Everal Bradfield, 3: George Brian Ferguson, 4: A D Weatherell, 5: Laurence Landsborough Holmes, 6: Allen Wilfred Higgins, 7: Ronald Henry Whale, Str: M W Mowat, Cox: Gustav John Percy, Emerg: John Louis Groom, Cch: Rev Mervyn Henderson

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