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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1963 Australian University Championships— Lower Yarra River, Melbourne VIC

These Championships were conducted on the Lower Yarra on 25th May. The men's eight was raced over 2 1/4 miles and the sculling and lightweight four championships were raced over 2000 metres.

These Championships were noteable for the inaugural conduct of the men's lightweight fours for the Sir Fred Schonell Cup and also for the appearance of Monash University for the first time.


Men's Scull

Time: 8 mins 18.3 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st Sydney University - Allan Skinner
2nd Melbourne University - Dally R Messenger
3rd University of New South Wales - Gary Toomey
4th University of Queensland - James Anthony Delahunty

Men's Eight

Time: 12 mins 14.5 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: William R Stokes, 2: J Campbell B Penfold, 3: Arthur W Adams, 4: Anthony C Wilson, 5: J William L Dobson, 6: Ian K Galbraith, 7: Ian F Bult, Str: Chester S Keon-Cohen, Cox: Mark A Schapper, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson, Emerg: H C Forbes
2nd Sydney University - Bow: David Coles, 2: Jorgen Neilsen, 3: Steve Streber, 4: Alan Ashburner, 5: David Barling, 6: Phil Harris, 7: Trevor Jamison, Str: Charles F Moore, Cox: Reg Smith, Cch: Eric O Longley, Emerg: K Santow
3rd University of Western Australia - Bow: B R Martin, 2: Andrew A Burbidge, 3: B Darbyshire, 4: J A Wickham, 5: P H Walsh, 6: M F Clancy, 7: P W Wearne, Str: P J Chivers, Cox: P Wreford, Cchs: Richard T Gard and N L Marsh, EWmergs: R Moffat and Berry Durston
4th University of Queensland - Bow: Ian James Leslie, 2: DEavid Anthony Hood, 3: Ian Story, 4: Peter Michael Mahoney, 5: Ian Roderick Carlisle, 6: Ian Redmond McCann, 7: Christopher Alfred Bartleyy, Str: Leonard John Warren, Cox: Geoffery Woodfull Eades, Cch: Robert Scott, Emerg: Ian Fyfe Robertson
5th University of Tasmania - Bow: T J Whyte, 2: B S Hodgson, 3: R R Hodgson, 4: R M Jessup, 5: I S Taylor, 6: D C Thompson, 7: R J Gee, Str: Ian R Winter, Cox: A T Calvert, Cch: D F Clark, Wmergs: D J Gannon and J R Oakley
6th Adelaide University - Bow: David Edmund Brooks, 2: Charles William Douglas, 3: Dean E Clayton, 4: Brian Anthony Lamshed, 5: Andrew Thomas Ramsay, 6: Wyatt Roderic Hume, 7: Paul Anthony Gunson, Str: Allan Lindsay Southcott, Cox: Robert David Lawson, Cch: Roger Leach, Emerg: W Giles
7th University of New South Wales - Bow: Brian Thorpe, 2: Don Curchod, 3: Warren Firkin, 4: Robert Sutton, 5: Ray Lawson, 6: Ross Downie, 7: William Hatfield, Str: Wayne Young, Cox: Eric Wilson, Cch: Allan R Callaway
8th Monash University - Bow: Tim J Hogan, 2: Warwick B Hutchins, 3: Anthony J Fox, 4: Peter D E Coveney, 5: James G Cousins, 6: Michael F McKenna, 7: Rick Harbig, Str: James L Bradfield, Cox: Ian M Beeton, Cch: Neil C W Courtney, EmergL P Coulter

Monash Eight

The Inaugural Monash University Eight

Men's Lightweight Fours

Time: 7 mins 20 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Peter G Habersberger, 2: Robin P Gorton, 3: Peter A McC Doyle, Str: Geoff A Park, Cox: Bernie T Buttery, Cch: Keith A Bilney, Emerg: Peter McKeon
2nd Adelaide University - Bow: L Cushway, 2: John MacKay Ford, 3: Robert Gywn Morgan, Str: Anthony Bronte Pannell, Cox: Reuben Goldsworthy, Emerg: M Harry, Cch: Jack Fletcher, Emergs: J Ford and M Harry
3rd Sydney University - Bow: John Callaway, 2: Ross Sillar, 3: Peter Johnman, Str: Timothy Nelson, Cox: Vin Bettington, Cch: John Matheson, Emerg: Greg Hancock
4th University of Tasmania - Bow: J Bauld, 2: B M East, 3: J G Poverell, Str: John David Fricke, Cox: J Lohrey, Cch: P N Anderson, Emerg: R Stark
5th University of Queensland - Bow: T Proctor, 2: Warwick Urquart Mills, 3: P McKerring, Str: W Potter, Cox: Geoffrey Woodfull Eades, Cch: Brian Robert Perkins, Emerg: Kevin Peter Joyce
6th University of New South Wales - Bow: John Bailey, 2: Ron Batley, 3: Robert Roden, Str: Ron Clark, Cox: Robert Gardiner, Cch: Eric Willson

1963 AUBC ML4

1963 Adelaide University Men's Lightweight Four

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