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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1960 Australian University Championships— Swan River, Perth WA

The Championships were conducted on a 2 mile course on the Swan River on 1st June.


Men's Scull

Time: 8:15.6
Margins: 2 & 10 lengths

1st Sydney University - Michael Wignall
2nd University of Western Australia - Dennis Durston

Other Universities competing were:
Adelaide University - Malcom Smith
University of Queensland
- John Peam
University of New South Wales - Unnamed

Men's Eight

Time: 10 mins 21.8 secs
Margin: 2 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: Iain MacDonald, 2: Dennis Rowe, 3: Paul Hyman, 4: Chris Glynn, 5: Richard Palmisano, 6: Bill Webb, 7: Stuart McGill, Str: Kit Hall-Johnston, Cox: Ernest Tucker, Cch: Eric O Longley, Emergs: John Quick & David Waddington
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Duchan Stankovich, 2: Dally R Messenger, 3: Robert B Negri, 4: J Campbell B Penfold, 5: B H Scott, 6: John R Vroland, 7: M R Zwar, Str: N C Courtney, Cox: Mark A Schapper, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson, Emergs: Chester S Keon Cohen & Anthony P Dwyer
3rd University of New South Wales - Bow: Peter Shenstone, 2: Jim Gourlay, 3: Sam Hammond, 4: Ian Landon-Smith, 5: Ray Lawson, 6: Warren Firkin, 7: Don Brewer, Str: Wayne Young, Cox: Eric Wilson, Cch: Allan R Callaway
4th University of Queensland - Str: John Job, Cox: Graham Hanson, Cch: David Purdy
5th University of Western Australia - Rory Argyle, Str: Alan G Bird
6th Adelaide University - Bow: P G Carney, 2: T R Muecke, 3: Robert Gwyn Morgan, 4: S W Frewin, 5: R M Howell, 6: D G Jose, 7: J G Burger, Str: Rod D Cheesman, Cox: Richard Wyndham Watson

The weather conditions were obviously an issue. The Western Australian reported on Friday 27th May (before the race) that QU swamped and crew members rescued by Berry Durston. Cox - Graham Hanson and Coach - David Purdy taken to hospital & treated for immersion. Coach jumped into the water from tinny so that one of the crew could be ferried ashore.

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