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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1931 Australian University Championships— Brisbane River Brisbane QLD

These Championships were conducted on the Hamilton Reach on the Brisbane River in Queensland on 3rd June 1931 over 3 miles. Only three crews competed, Sydney University, University of Queensland and Melbourne University with the placings in that order. It was a substantial win to the New South Wales crew. No Sculling Championship was conducted.

The race was held during the Great Depression and so was lucky to be conducted at all.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 40 4/5 seconds
Margin: 12 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: C Hughes, 2: R Dibbs, 3: M Knowles, 4: A Robertson, 5: D Varcoe Cocks, 6: Noel Kirby, 7: C Wilkinson, Str: J C Loxton, Cox: J Wilcox
2nd University of Queensland - Bow: John Richard Alfred Walker, 2: William George Draper, 3: Colin James Richard Frazer, 4: Jack Christian Richards, 5: John Samuel Donald Edwards, 6: Lloyd David Lawton, 7: Alan Iain Forbes MacKillop, Str: Paul Clipsham Lahey, Cox: Richard Noel Hope Michod, Cch: Arthur H Watson
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: L L Bevan, 2: J R Adam, 3: C G McAuliffe, 4: J A Glenn, 5: W Balcombe Griffiths, 6: J E Brown, 7: T R Courtenay, Str: Angus W Oakley, Cox: Gerry K Duane

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