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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1913 Australian University Championships— Lower Yarra River Melbourne VIC

The Melbourne crew won handsomely on their home soil over the 2 1/2 mile course from Coode Island to the Steam Crane. Their stroke man became well known as a rower whilst their seven man became a well known educationalist. This was their third win in succession.

The race was conducted on 7th June 1913.


Men's Eight

Time: 15 mins 11 3/5 secs
6 lengths
2 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Frank P Halkyard, 2: Allan Spowers, 3: John Robert Swan Cochrane, 4: R M Abernathy, 5: Jack Lindsay Doubleday, 6: Clive S Steele, 7: Ewan I Littlejohn, Str: H Clive Disher, Cox: John Henry Sandford Jackson, Cch: Charles Donald

2nd Sydney University - Bow: William Hay, 2: William H Donald, 3: Walter F Crawford, 4: Robert C Inglis, 5: Richard P W Francis, 6: Bernard Brooke Bloomfield, 7: Paul E Voss, Str: Burton G Wade, Cox: Frederick W S Busby, Cchs: Roger Fitzhardinge, Keith Williams & James M MacFarlane

3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Allan Wilson Morey, 2: John Alexander Love, 3: Paul Charles Albert Fornachon, 4: George Edward Halbert, 5: Thomas Maxfield Hardy, 6: Francis Fancett Espie, 7: Louis Gordon Holmes, Str: Donald Yates, Cox: Eric Lindsey Symons, Cchs: Arthur Nicholls, Arthur Lorimer Kennedy & Arthur J Shepherd


Melbourne University

Back row: F P Halkyard, J R S Cochrane, Charles Donald, R McC Abernethy, A Spowers
Front row: C S Steele, H C Disher, J H S Jackson, E I Littlejohn, J L Doubleday

Adelaide University

The Adelaide University crew in Melbourne

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