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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1948 Australian University Championships— Swan River Perth WA

The Champiosnhisp were conducted over a 2 mile course in Perth on 5th June 1948. The Applecross-Narrows course was used.

The weather caused the racing to be postponed to late in the afternoon.


Men's Eight

Time: 12:11

2 1/2 lengths
7 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: Edward O G Pain, 2: Richard John Morris Luker, 3: Graham Montgomerie, 4: Victor R Middleton, 5: Robert N Tinning, 6: Eric O Longley, 7: Peter Holmes a Court, Str: Allan Brown, Cox: James Barnes, Emerg: George Boyd Downing, Cchs: Colin Davies and W Thomas
2nd University of Western Australia - Bow: Peter H Gunnell, 2: Hugh D Cook, 3: John R Caddy, 4: Thomas D Pervan, 5: David H Norman, 6: John E Foley, 7: Conway I Stacey, Str: James L Paton, Cox: John K Elsey, Emergs: James Kentish Horwood & J Abernethy, Cch: Dr Harold R Nash
3rd Melbourne University - Bow: David Darnton Watson, 2: Ian David Thomas, 3: Graham Craigmile Galt, 4: Peter H Bailey, 5: A G (Paddy) Barrett, 6: David Malcolm McLaren, 7: Maxwell Geirge Whiteside, Str: Ian C Everist, Cox: P Bennett, Cch: C Robert Ampt

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