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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

1930 Australian University Championships— Swan River Perth WA

Four universities competed at these Championships on the Swan River on 7th June 1930 at 3.30pm. No sculling race was conducted. The conditions were rough with reports stating that the Melbourne crew was unable to handle the conditions on the day.



Umpire - Robert S Jeffries
Judge - Marks Miller
Timekeepers - J Child & A H Macartney
Despatch Steward - J B L Johnston

Western Australia University Boat Club

President - Prof Frank R Beasley
Honorary Secretary - A Nairn

Men's Eight

Time: 19:57 3/5
3/4 length
2 lengths
"out of the picture"

1st University of Western Australia - Bow: B Williams, 2: Arthur Robert Driver, 3: Robert A Paul, 4: Oswald Frederick Fry, 5: Howard Vincent "Dum" Reilly, 6: Peter B Verschuer, 7: J Duff Murray, Str: Marcus Lotz, Cox: Arthur Williams, Cch: Prof Frank R Beasley, Emergs: Frank R Somerville, W Graham, R A Nairn
2nd Adelaide University - Bow: Cedric Errol Gregory, 2: Allan Harvey (Cherry) Finlayson, 3: Noel James Bonnin, 4: Henry Ridgeway Simpson Newland, 5: Robert Burns Cuming, 6: Walter Gordon Birks, 7: John Lionel Hayward, Str: Ronald Barrington Knight, Cox: Peter M Cudmore, Cch: Stanley T Facey, Emerg: L R Taylor
3rd Sydney University - Bow: John Coyle, 2: Sidney P Hebden, 3: Richard G Dibbs, 4: Robert B Brown, 5: Matthew Knowles, 6: Alan D Hudson, 7: John L Watt, Str: Andrew W Sneddon, Cox: Noel A Hill, Cch: George Mackenzie, Emergs: C Hughes & T Walker-Taylor
4th Melbourne University- Bow: Louis Lancelot Oxley Bevan, 2: Arthur Rex Mayhew Johnson, 3: Thomas Richard Brian Courtney, 4: Joseph Robert Archibald Glen, 5: W Balcombe Griffiths, 6: Robert Officer, 7: Louis Robertson Scharp, Str: John Robert Adam, Cox: Gerry K Duane, Cch: Charles Donald, Emerg: Angus W Oakley

The West Australians scored their third victory out of four starts. Emergency J D Murray rowed in the place of the originally selected Frank Somerville. The Melbourne boat was partly swamped during the race and "out of the picture" at the finish. The poor rowing conditions were decribed as "disappointing".


1930 Sydney University Year Book

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