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History of Australian University Championships Rowing

2011 Australian University Championships— Sydney International Regatta Centre, NSW

These Championships were conducted in Sydney from 28th September to 30th September inclusive. Unfortunately the weather tuned sour with many small boat finals cancelled.

Total Points Scores

The point score system was varied to accomodate heat winners and races which were heats and finals.

Melbourne finished on top of the point score table.

Ranking University Points
1 Melbourne 548.4
2 Sydney 373.4
3 Adelaide 314.2
4 ANU 201.2
5 Western Australia 181.7
6 New South Wales 175.7
7 Monash 167.5
8 UTS 122.7
9 NCLE 90.5
10 Macquarie 56
11 USA 53.7
12 RMIT 20
13 Australian Defence Force Academy 18.5
14 New England 16
15 Charles Sturt 9.5
16 LTU 0

Bill Webb Trophy

The top three universities in the men's point score for the Bill Webb Trophy were:

Ranking University Points
1 Melbourne 298.2
2 Adelaide 151.5
3 Sydney 143.5

Amanda Young Trophy

The top three universities in the women's point score for the Amanda Young Trophy were:

Ranking University Points
1 Melbourne 250.2
2 Sydney 230
3 Adelaide 162.7

Full list of rankings (pdf)


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Australian University Sport and Rowing NSW

Men's Scull

No finals raced

The finals were cancelled due to the conditions. The finalists were:
UTS - Danjels Reedman,
Adelaide - James McRae,
Monash - Shane Jackson,
Melbourne - Jordan Smith,
Sydney - James Waldersee,
Macquarie - Matthew O'Sullivan,

Men's Double Scull


1st Melbourne - Zac Cleaver, Sean Lake
2nd Monash - Shane Jackson, Joshua Hooper
3rd Sydney - Sasha Belonogoff, Michael Keene
4th Macquarie - Charles McMahon, Kristian Bodell
5th ADF Academy - Andrew Gely, Joel Paxton
6th Western Australia - Theo Cunningham, Peter Doyle

Men's Pair

No finals raced

No second heat nor finals were conducted due to the weather conditions.

Heat one results:
1st Australian National University - Brodie Buckland and Nicholas Purnell
2nd Melbourne University - Tom Simpson and Dan Sweeney
3rd Unversity of Technology Sydney - Tom Bowditch and Scott Woodward
4th Sydney University - Christopher Cunningham-Reid and Jason Waddell
5th University of NSW - Fabian Mimberg and Thomas Birtwhistle
Did not finish - Macquarie University - Chase Lemos and Mas Gobel

Men's Four


1st Melbourne - Thomas Simpson, William Hannemann, James Redhead, Joshua Booth, Cox: Samantha Sloss
2nd ANU - David Wright, Riley Owen, Harris, Maier, Cox: Liam Gooding
3rd New South Wales - Aaron Todd, Matthew Hannaford, Harry Thomson, Daniel Sykes, Cox: Hayden Schilling, Cchs: David Gely and Justin Quigley
4th Adelaide - Tom Cocks, Andrew Thompson, Darren Holst, Sainsbury, Cox: Lucy Hyde
5th Sydney - Edward De Carvalho, Edwards, Goddard, James Goswell, Cox: William Raven
6th UTS - Hamish Playfair, Charles Marriott, Phillip Blacklaw, Thomas Bowditch

Men's Eight


1st Melbourne - Zac Cleaver, Sam Hookway, Josh Booth, Dan Sweeney, James Marburg, Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, Tom Larkins, David De Lang, Cox: Samantha Sloss
2nd Adelaide - Evans, Liam Gotley, Lachlan Ward, Samuel Volker, Ned Kinnear, Falco Richardt, James McRae, Patrick Maddern, Cox: Lucy Hyde
3rd Sydney - James Goswell, Michael Keene, Jason Waddell, Goddard, Edwards, Edward De Carvalho, James Waldersee, Alexander Belonogoff, Cox: William Raven
4th ANU - Dylan Conolan, Maier, Wright, David Wright, Riley Owen, Harris, Brodie Buckland, Nicholas Purnell, Cox: Liam Gooding
5th UTS - Reedman, Oliver Zuk, Moore, Scott Woodward, Tom Bowditch, Phillip Blacklaw, Hamish Playfair, Charles Marriott, C ox: Clarke
6th Monash - Angus Tyers, Edward O'Bryan,Shane Jackson, Josh Hooper, Redmond Matthews, Alexander White, White, Cameron Sherwin, Cox: Jami Klisaris

Men's Lightweight Scull

No finals raced

Heats and repechages were raced but no finals due to adverse weather conditions. The scullers who qualified for the final were:
UTS - Oliver Zuk
RMIT - James Wilson
Melbourne - Stuart Alexander
Charles Sturt - Mack Wilcox
South Australia - Jai Ward
Monash - Redmond Matthews

Men's Lightweight Four


1st Melbourne - Stuart Alexander, Benedict Quinlan, Sean Lake, David de Lang
2nd Western Australia - Gilleran, Theodore Cunningham, Charlie Ravine, Tim Widdicombe
3rd Adelaide - Patrick Ey, Hugo Burgin, Charles Bruce, Cameron Beasley
4th Newcastle - Conrad Bond, Wilkinson, Chris Maytom, Jack Hanley
5th ANU - Liam Gooding, Lachlan Peattie, Benjamin, Erasmus

Women's Scull


1st Melbourne - Sarah Tait
2nd New England - Sarah Cook
3rd Adelaide - Peta White
4th Macquarie - Candice Williams
5th Sydney - Ellena Winstanley
6th UTS - Elise Andrews

Women's Double Scull

No finals raced

Heats and repecharges were conducted by not finals due to adverse weather conditions. The crews which qualified for the final were:
South Australia - Jessica McRae and Alex Daniel
New South Wales - Alexandra Green and Elizabeth Lester
Melbourne - Jane McMahon and Gracie Morrison
UTS - Elise Andrews and Jessica Salmon
ANU - Jacqueline Williams and Sarah McFadden
Sydney - Antonia Clarke and Peta Blundell

Women's Pair


1st Sydney - Sabina White, Beatrix Sheldrick
2nd Melbourne - Emma Webley, Olympia Ward
3rd Western Australia - Courtney Aylett, Alex Needabar
4th ANU - Diana Lawrence, Imogen Cowan
5th Adelaide - Stacey Paterson, Katherine Rosenblatt

Women's Four


1st Melbourne - Sophie Sutherland, Olympia Ward, Emma Webley, Charlotte Sutherland, Cox: Frances Rickard
2nd Western Australia - Adamson, Travaglione, Smith, Georgina Baker, Cox: Charles Ravine
3rd Adelaide - Chamberlayne, Stacey Paterson, Wilkinson, Katherine Rosenblatt, Cox: Georgina Hanus
4th Sydney - Fick, Madeline Cavanagh, Greta Beale, Anna Traill, Cox: Genevieve Fick
5th ANU - Jacqui Williams, Sarah McFadden, Diana Lawrence, Imogen Cowan, Cox: Margot Deegan
6th Monash - Thorbecke, Chloe Jones, Lam, Kate Hatherley, Cox: Marisa Pineo

Women's Eight


1st Melbourne - Monica McGauran, Olympia Ward, Sophie Sutherland, Charlotte Sutherland, Sarah Tait, Jesseye Watt, Alice McNamara, Emma Webley, Cox: Frances Rickard
2nd Sydney - Marianna Doumanis, Madeleine Cavanagh, Fick, Anna Traill, Greta Beale, White, Beatrix Sheldrick, Ellena Winstanley, Cox: Genevieve Fick
3rd Adelaide - Wilkinson, Townsend, Malcolm, Vanessa Hughes, Geoorgina Mills, Carrell, Molsher-Jones, Peta White, Cox: Georgina Hanus
4th Western Australia - Payne, Whittaker, Courtney Aylett, Alex Needabar, Thea Adamson, Travaglione, Smith, Georgina Baker, Cox: Charles Ravine
5th Monash - Hewett, Houghton, Clare Strain, Emma Cook, Dyer, Robinson, Riana Mollard, Crotty, Cox: King

Women's Lightweight Scull

Final cancelled

Only the first heat was conducted which was won by Alice McNamara of Melbourne. The other races were cancelled.

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull


1st Sydney - Petria Carter, Cowley, Katherine McKeever, Marianna Doumanis
2nd New South Wales - Amelia Johnstone, Kirstie Cocokios, Martina Thiermann, Elizabeth Lester, Cchs: David Gely and Murray Clarke
3rd Adelaide - Robson, CarolineAuricht, Anna Collins, Georgina Mills
4th Newcastle - Kirby-Faust, Ellie Bollinger, Roanne Maxwell, Merran Holmes
5th Monash - Bradford, Felicity Jacobs, Marisa Pineo, Haley Mason
6th Melbourne - Monica McGauran, Morrison, McMahon, Alice McNamara

Mixed Four

Finals cancelled

Heats were conducted but the finals were cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions.

Mixed Eight

Finals cancelled

Heats were conducted but the finals were cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions.

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